In the phrase 'Leave him alone! These sentences generally start with a verb and lack a stated subject. Although most cat experts and breeders agree that keeping your cat indoors is a much better decision for your pet's health and longevity; it's practically imperative in the case of aging cats. Therefore, it's imperative that you be proactive. In the third line, the character has given an order to break “Yellin’s” arms. It's imperative you see me at the earliest opportunity. Given that retail is a constantly evolving area, it is imperative that any system can flexibly accommodate changes to strategy and measures. Not as a strategic imperative. Draft of recommendation N° 3 on the imperative subordination of the objectives of the ITC/D to those of the sustainable human development. It is imperative that we as youth take the forefront in the struggle against this imperialist war. It's imperative that you get proper legal advice, so you will want to hire an attorney. As with any athletic shoe, proper fit is imperative to prevent injury and for the long term health of your feet. The imperative need for the Security Council to carefully deliberate over decisions for the setting up of peace operations cannot be over-stated. This is imperative or the medication won't work. The imperative shows no ending in the singular; in the plural It has y. Clement realized the imperative necessity of conciliating the powers. Another pronoun cannot be placed in front of the verb and have the sentence retain the same meaning. Yet however disagreeable such works seem from a modern point of view, it is imperative that they are not ignored. It is also known as a jussive or a directive. 121. But though his intellect was sharpened and his zeal for learning quickened by the great thinker's influence, Kant's "categorical imperative" did not prevent him from yielding to the taste for wine, women and high play which pursued him through life. For these reasons, it is imperative for anyone who is addicted to meth to seek the help of his or her physician and other qualified medical personnel in order to withdraw from the drug in a properly equipped clinic or hospital. It's imperative to your success. Now that the obvious has been considered, and it is clear that ladies' swimwear is quite partial to the female anatomy, it is imperative to note the areas covered by this class of women's clothing. If you want to lose belly fat, it's imperative that you exercise on a regular basis. This bag helps him to know all in the end. Imperative sentences cannot have a subject other than "you." Smartphones are not normally inexpensive, so ensuring that you choose the right one for your needs is imperative. It is imperative that you have an understanding of the Charlotte Mason (CM) philosophy of education or you will not be able to guide your student through the high school years effectively. Imperative Mood. Hence arises the imperative necessity of good cultivation by the planter, and of circumspection in the purchase and acceptance of canes on the part of the manufacturer. When, as in the case of eye bars, it is imperative that one part should differ materially in section from the rest, this part may be locally thickened or thinned, or a special part may here be welded on. An imperative sentence is a sentence that issues a command. But the events which were taking place in Europe made it imperative to send home a part of the army of Africa, and Medea had to be evacuated. These imperative sentences have used the tone of advice. An increase of sententious imperative clauses is also to be noted. First of all, it is imperative that individuals suffering in the advanced stages of diabetes never go barefoot. Proper footwear is imperative for athletes, so it is essential to wear a shoe that is both the right size and width at all times. But his orders were imperative, and the 4th brigade was already moving off and had to be supported at any cost. This style flatters most body types, but it's imperative to choose the right style. Sleep is a biological imperative critical to the maintenance of mental and physical health. subdural empyema is the most imperative surgical emergency. Saying, "he pick up those clothes" is grammatically incorrect since the correct verb form for singular pronouns is "picks" not "pick.". It is not very common in literary writing, but very important in everyday conversational language. To this end it is imperative for us to renew our party cadres, create a mighty reserve of youth. It is imperative that you get the right fit for your body. When it comes to cardiovascular health, obtaining a doctor's advice is imperative, especially when dealing with a serious condition such as high blood pressure. With the heat and intensity of the lighting used for shoots, it was imperative that makeup artists use a cosmetic that could stand up to the rigors of a photo session, while effectively producing quality photographs.


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