You'll blend the coffee ice cubes with soy milk, chocolate syrup, a little peanut butter, some vanilla extract, and no-calorie sweetener until frothy. Add sugar, to taste, directly into the cup … "Just enough coffee, chocolate and peanut butter flavor." Serving Size 1.5 fl oz. That's why I … As the espresso drips ... •Okay, but now you've got hot espresso and cold ice. Other customizations will not. •You want hot espresso to dissolve the sugar. Iced Espresso. So, says Carla, put a spot of sugar in the espresso cup before you pull your shot. ... Only changing drink size will update this information. A recipe of perfection at the heart of every handcrafted espresso we serve. This ingenious recipe starts with coffee ice cubes! "This was great," says Tammy. 21 Homemade Espresso Recipes (hot and iced) - Frugal Living NW The Very Specific Way to Make an Excellent Iced Espresso. Our smooth signature Espresso Roast over ice boasts rich, robust flavor and caramelly sweetness. Pull your espresso shot into a regular cup or demitasse.


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