Also, an open wound, although not sterile, will rarely get infected provided that you remove foreign bodies. Here it's usually soap and water and/or a specific antiseptic wound treatment such as Savlon or Cetrimide. Usually, household Hydrogen Peroxide is 3% but when mixed with ethanol (75% v./v. Bottom Line – Which Is Better For Cleaning Wounds: Hydrogen Peroxide vs Rubbing Alcohol? Do not put H2O2 on any wound for two reasons: 1- The enzyme catalase will break to H2O + O2 as a defense mechanism, 2-It will burn the wound and will slow down the wound healing! Though I usually just replace the cases with new ones (which can be equally smelly, and therefore are sequestered to the garage when I’m not packaging up boxes of items to sell), sometimes I need to clean off opened toys or sealed DVDs that smell of strong detergents. How is it doing now? I’m thinking it well may be that that it wasn’t the left over peroxide that made you burn, but a reaction it had with some chemical you don’t (or didn’t) know about in your well water. ), ethanol will evaporate fast with water, which makes the remaining Hydrogen Peroxide much concentrated. It‘s true that it does this via oxidation, which is proof that not all oxidation is inherently “bad”. I’m in a WEIRD mood tonight!). And i guess stupid. Did you read my article about Trump and Monsanto? Instead, rinse the wound with cool water and wash around the area with a mild soap. LOL! Your email address will not be published. For those who questioned this reaction in the comments, here is some more corroborating n=1 experience to refer to. Haha, actually the end product of that is just water I believe. I do want to mention that a person can overdo hydrogen peroxide on sensitive tissues causing bad chemical burns. Really, cold, filtered water is the best thing for heat. Just read this and you talked about mixing your well water with the peroxide, and after half an hour had burning. No images found! and sterilon (chlorhexidine). That added oxygen molecule (peroxide is H2O2) will bind and “oxidize” any contaminants it comes across. Likewise, it proves that not all “chemicals” are “toxic”, as hydrogen peroxide is one of them. I was complaining that there was a price written on a framed poster, which made the item less desirable/valuable. I didn’t know that about honey. Its three main effects are bleaching, disinfecting, and otherwise oxidizing. Typically, I use Everclear or vodka or gin for cleaning or disinfecting. In fact, it’s a standing rule in my household to immediately run any new clothes in the wash at least twice with generous amounts of peroxide (like 1/8 to 1/2 cup per load). All of its uses generally involve the same function, based on adding that extra oxygen molecule into the mix. In addition, rubbing alcohol is “denatured” to ensure that winos don’t drink it which makes it even more poisonous. I haven’t quite figured out how much is really needed, but I can usually detect when the sweet smell of acetaldehyde and other disinfectants/detergents/pesticides/dyes has dissipated in the clothes I buy. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. There are just too many things that can go wrong. I do believe there was more of a burning sensation from the combo, because my wife and I never had burning from rubbing alcohol. Thank you, Kim! Isopropyl alcohol (20%) is effective in killing the cysts of Acanthamoeba culbertsoni (560) as are chlorhexidine, hydrogen peroxide, and thimerosal 496. Neither. What were you proposing was happening that caused the burn? Rob was the valedictorian of his high school (his last claim to fame), but now believes that academics are overrated. So today I learned a very practical bit of advice I can give anyone. Is it going to be bald for good? I often follow the Corbett Report. I feel horrible now. So, err on the side of caution and don’t mix them. It’s pretty hard on your tissues. For oral applications, I try to use a food grade H202 if the budget allows. Do you happen to know how the sticky-sweet treat accomplishes this miraculous healing? I wouldn’t drink it, based on all my YouTube homework. I believe the mechanism for hydrogen peroxide’s excellent effect on smelly chemicals is the same as the way ozone purifies indoor/outdoor air (though you should be very careful when using ozone purifiers indoors). At this point, there is no way to know, because I’m sure the composition of your water has changed a lot between then and now, so even if you checked now you wouldn’t be able to tell. If you decide to use it orally or on your body, please remember that your microbiome can be affected with any kind of antibacterial agent, and it should be used in moderation. We finally come to the point. Some of the moisture dampened the leg on shorts I’d just put on (proper clothing is hard to come by for me these days). the way ozone purifies indoor/outdoor air, Kill various yeasts/mold (in a not-so-harsh way), Use it in your dishwasher or in handwashing dishes, Boost plant growth by soaking seeds in it.


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