Invest in wall-hung soap … In this children’s bathroom, a kid-sized bath fits nicely under the ceiling area impacted by the stairs, and the generous use of blue mosaic tiles throughout makes the multi-height ceiling less of a feature. Having converted so many under stairs spaces over the years for our clients, we have noticed that it is very common for older and smaller homes with three bedrooms or less to have one bathroom, typically located on the upper level of the house. Installing a toilet under the stairs will bring benefits to your home in terms of convenience and accessibility. Just when you thought the garage or basement was an outlandish spot for a toilet, your mind is about to be blown. Don’t think you can squeeze one in? TOP TIP: If you can stand in front of the toilet without your head touching the ceiling, normally you will be able to sit on the toilet and get back up easily enough without banging your head on the sloping ceiling above. We create bespoke solutions to suit an individual client’s instructions. However, such a small space is still a magnet for clutter. Yes, at the bottom of the stairs. If you’re looking for a bigger bathroom which can fit a bath or shower, you can think about using a garage space or small spare room can be anywhere between £3,000-£5,000 or building a bathroom as part of an extension for between £5,000 - £10,000 . Bookshelves. If possible, hang doors so that they open outwards. See more ideas about downstairs toilet, small toilet, small bathroom. Can anyone tell me the average price to install a small toilet and handbasin under the stairs on the ground floor of a semi dethached property,the drains are just through the wall to side of house. However, there is one, often overlooked area that can provide invaluable storage space, or indeed a room in its own right — the cupboard under the stairs. Can you install a toilet under the stairs? Start your project. so £1800 to do everything + whatever it costs to buy a toilet, basin & tiles? Learn more. Use the space left at the foot of the stairs for storage that you can access from the hall. This will stop the supply of water to the toilet cistern immediately, notwithstanding any water that remains in the pipework. Aside from being a desirable feature, a downstairs toilet can add as much as 5% to the value of a home, far more than the initial cost of the renovation. Installing a toilet under the stairs will bring benefits to your home in terms of convenience and accessibility. There are also rules about having toilets opening directly onto a living space or a kitchen rather than a hallway or a bedroom. Fit a new toilet and cold water hand basin both connected to the plastic soil stack outside. A waste pipe for the sink water to go back out, a shore outside for the water to go down into the drains and a waste pipe for the toilet to go out into the drains. We’ll beat any like-for-like quote Go in sideways. The fuse box and gas meter will both need moving. Fitting a downstairs bathroom in your home isn’t as difficult as you might think. In tight spaces the ceiling height can vary – especially when you are under the stairs. In the process, it could increase your property’s value by around 5%. If you are planning on installing a toilet, you will need building regulations approval. Here, the washing machine and tumble dryer are stacked on top of one another with space above for detergents and cleaning supplies. You would be surprised how many people didn't know that the stopcock valve to shut off the mains water was under their stairs. Just take a look at these spaces. Michael Muldowney from Avar Furniture offers his advice on making the most of this often-wasted part of the home: The first thing would be to check if there is anything under the stairs that requires access. Perhaps the most common arrangement for an under-stairs cloakroom is with the toilet tucked away below the sloping ceiling and the basin on the facing wall. The easiest place to site a downstairs toilet is near to the soil (drainage) pipe, which is normally positioned externally. Hot and cold pipework is normally picked up from the kitchen sink (and run to the new toilet under the floor or beneath kitchen units) or from the bathroom above.


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