5. Spare some time to think of ways to enhance accountability in your group program by answering these questions: On May 24 2018, we updated our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy to reflect the EU's new GDPR policies for protecting customer data. One thing I do ensure happens during a coaching programme is that time is taken out to stand back and review progress with my coachees and check whether any outcomes identified at the beginning of the programme are being met. She lets us know how she gets people in her program, the mechanics of setting everything up, the structure of the coaching itself, and the software & websites that she uses! 2. This might sound weird or like we’re trying to play with people, but it’s not at all. • Then we’d come up with 1-2 super simple daily actions they could take to hit the goal
 Don’t use these scripts word for word. In the beginning that can be tricky because you might have not ever formally coached someone. Most clients will stop your program when you raise the price. KUDOS!!! Effective coaching programme design starts once you have established what your coachee’s needs and wants are and by this I mean what to include in your coaching programme, how it will be structured and over what period of time. But you also don’t want to avoid asking the people that like you the most not to help you. Here’s the close cart email that he sent: Here’s are Matty’s takeaways from launching his coaching program. And the only consistent communication with them has been my weekly email. When you do, somewhere in your convo, bring up your coaching program and try to get them to give you feedback. If you want to grab a copy of those, just click here. These are the people that you are going to be doing personalized outreach to. When a group coaching program is missing those 3 key elements, members feel demotivated, bored, and uninspired. The husband and I coach a social media marketing program at the local Veterans Council. Action Item #1: Walk yourself through the processes your coaching clients will follow, from signing up to making payments to completing questionnaires. She has only been in business a few months and now has the funds to keep growing her email list for her virtual assistant coaching business. Required fields are marked *. Log in to your email service provider (like MailChimp, ConvertKit, or Infusionsoft) and look at the past year’s emails. Action Item #2: Make sure you have all of your back-end processes in place and tested before launching your program. You can make your systems perfect later; for now, focus on getting a minimal, viable version up. Then asking them to either become a client for free for 1-2 weeks or to refer someone to you. Category #3: Delete – This is for someone who doesn’t fall into either of the above categories. You know people are starting to check out in your group program when you see attendance to your live coaching calls and engagement in your community space take a nosedive. No sales. • If you are selling a coaching program for parents, they are probably hanging out in mom / dad/ parenting groups. There are a few different ways you can figure out what your most popular blog posts are. Go with your gut and pick the one that stands out the most. In my case it was the super broad problem of getting “unstuck.” In hindsight I should have made this more specific, but alas. I've created programs from scratch for myself and for my clients. Please pay it forward. The key part of this step is to not come across like a weirdo when pitching this and to give people an easy way to say no so your long term relationship with that person isn’t damaged as a result. Dude, these last 2 weeks have been awesome! 1. How do you create a digital version of your coaching program for scale, without losing touch with your clients? Our convo triggered an idea, and I wanted to get your advice/opinion on it…. Where do you find these connections? They aren’t likely to be a customer at all and they are more likely to tell you to never talk to them again than to refer someone to you (even if you ask for the referral in a non-weird kind of way). Your ‘delete’ group should have no more than 10 people in it. So, I wanted to write a quick update and answer those two questions. Kay. If you normally call this person on the phone, call them. Most group coaching programs are 6 months long and many are even a year-long or more. That could come in the format of free advice to friends or family. • Phone calls? Re-write these messages in your own language and adapt them for whatever medium you typically talk to that person in. Here’s a list where you can start looking: However, our goal of this isn’t to get a free coaching clients. Step #1: Pick the exact problem your coaching program will solve. Since I wrote this article last week, a handful of you have reached out and let me know that it gave you the kick in the butt needed to start your own coaching program. Classification #3: Super detailed feedback with perceived interest – If someone responds back with 2 paragraphs of notes and heavily indicates they are interested, this is someone you want to follow up with. Here are a few of the main questions I get asked when I help others develop their own coaching programs: Question #1: When I raise the prices of my coaching program every few months, do my original clients “lock in” to their price? One thing you’ll definitely want to have each new client do is to fill out an in-depth onboarding survey. Don’t push them hard or move to the next step. Matty’s close cart email made people realize that his offer was going away, and that they better act soon. Now go through the list you just created and classify everyone in one of three categories: Category #1: Customer – This is someone who has interest and a need in the area that you coaching program covers. But it’s highly likely you have been informally coaching for years. Totally understand if you’ve not comfortable with that, but thought I’d throw it out there. I have clients who achieved great success using the "cycle method" where they open up their group coaching program to new people every 6 weeks. Step #4: Decide on your pricing structure. Also, give them time. It's better to go with a program that's too long rather than too short.


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