Laughing releases tension and has a natural ability to heal. 12. Self-help books are a good tool: Rockmore recommends The Happiness Trap and Beat the Blues Before They Beat You. 23. Hug someone. Going out is one of the best remedies to sadness because it does many things to you. Drink something healthy and reinvigorating. While this may seem counter-intuitive, she’s actually on to something. 25. Whenever I start feeling depressed, I try to stop, reflect, and get to the root of my feelings. Is that ice cream in your hair? even crochet!) In fact, you’d even forget that you actually experienced the blues prior to going out. Other times you may be sad for no discernible reason. 20. Start to believe the following things: people don’t change, life generally sucks and avoiding pain is more important than risking love. Please seek professional care if you believe you may have a condition. Daydream. Let’s say that after a break up, you keep telling yourself you’ll never find love again. Everyday life, everyday problems. Watch a funny movie or spend time with someone who has a good sense of humor. For example, pick something that generally interests you, like a running club or a photography class. Some of my favorite memories entail choices I made spontaneously. Laugh. This is a very simple mantra of mine. Here's how to get through your short-term melancholy. Here’s 10 quick ways to find yourself down and deflated: Assume the worst in people. Enter a cycle of hating yourself and hating other people. As uncomfortable as it may be, embracing your sadness is actually the first step to feeling better. I used to bottle up my feelings out of fear that I would be judged if I talked about them. I shouldn't be sad. Believe romantic comedies. Having a huge support system of friends and family members. They also lend their ears to hear out your concerns, through their presence, you no longer feel like you have to go through the misery alone. “The secret of joy is the mastery of pain.” ~ Anais Nin. ALSO READ: How to Overcome Depression: 10 Tips to Deal with Sadness. Now, try moving on. Make sure you color a rosy glow over everything from the past you wish you still had, and a black cloud of doom over everything from the past that was painful. And if we start saying no, then we look like we can’t handle the work—at least, that’s the common reasoning, In fact, it’s the opposite—explain to your boss that by taking on too many commitments, you are weakening your. Choose to guard yourself over loving the people around you who need to know that you are, in fact, human and make mistakes. Your Free Resource for Love, Life, and Personal Development, June 9, 2019 Fae Marie Esperas Leave a Comment. Read back over old emails or text messages, or listen to old voicemails. 17. I try to make sure I’m giving a fair amount of attention to all the priorities in my life, such as work, relationships, health, and personal happiness. She loves making new friends, so be sure to say hi if you like what you see! I’m not always self-aware, I don’t always love myself, and sometimes I agonize over everything I don’t have or haven’t accomplished. Most importantly, if you are considering self harm, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 or text HOME to 741-741, the Crisis Text Line. When I step back and notice everything I have to be grateful for, it makes me feel like I have everything I need and that nothing is lacking. 9 ‘Mistakes’ Every 20something Is Allowed to Make, Just Because You’re Not Going Home for Thanksgiving Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Celebrate, The Surprising Links Between Faith and Health. You can follow her blog at and buy her first eBook through Amazon. to find like-minded people who can lift your spirits with a common passion. It is described to be the opposite of happiness, where we experience moments of glee and optimism towards life. You’ll feel more peace and less sadness, and eventually you will even believe it. Click here to read more. If someone says something negative to me or I get stuck in an unpleasant situation, sometimes it helps to look at it from a different angle. Writing is usually the first thing I do when I’m feeling down. and what you’ll need to say yes and no to in order to get there. How did that make you feel? Read Tiny Buddha. 6. Write down your feelings. Has anyone ever felt like this or dealt with an issue like this? How did that energize you? Doing chores also help you develop a sense of achievement once the tasks are completed, and having achieved something will definitely make you smile. Perhaps you can get a dog, a cat, or even a couple of birds to give life to your home. Before using the site, please read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. All Rights Reserved. Do something spontaneous. What am I learning from this, and why now? Don’t listen to your body. GET MORE FUN & INSPIRING IMAGES & VIDEOS. 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