Most sofa cushions are 4 to 6 inches thick. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! But the extra will come in handy. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The Workhorse Servo Motor is a fantastic upgrade to your Ultrafeed machine. Do you think you could make these without a sewing machine? Great project! Pin the zipper in place so that the zipper will be installed 1/2″ from the edge. Matching up the raw edges of the side panel and your top/bottom panel around the perimeter. Also, what kind of zipper did you use? My cushions are old but in good shape. To make the corners easier to sew, add some “V”-shaped notches around each corner. Sew the opening closed with a needle and thread. If you have cushions that you are working from, and are simply recovering them, use the cushion covers as a base, making sure to add 1cm around each piece of fabric for seam allowance. Slip the lengths of covered cording in between the two pieces of fabric with the raw edge of the fabric lined up with the raw edge of the top and bottom pieces. We worked with Sunbrella to make over this space and used their natural canvas outdoor fabric for cushions that will continue to look great over time. For us, we had the old sofa cushions and needed to simply use those measurements to do it. this is so perfect because my husband & I just bought an old outdoor couch that needs new waterproof cushions. This fabric is part of The Sailrite Collection of Sunbrella Upholstery Fabrics. Upholstery Fabric from Sailrite (we chose Sunbrella. I always have trouble with corners so I think this will help! The heavier the fabric, the heavier thread you will need, as well. I was wondering if you used waterproof or outdoor foam, or just regular foam for the insert. To close the ends of this strip on either side of the zipper, with the back of the zipper facing up make a small cut in the fabric at the end of the zipper that allows you to unfold the fabric. These outdoor posts are really making me hate the fact that I live in an apartment with no yard but maybe it will inspire me to do something fresh with my front porch like I did a couple of years ago. Moreover pacific outdoor fabrics is at good choice such as the color which is a good combination. You guys are so talented – I would be way too intimidated to take this on myself! Fold your cushion fabric in half with the right sides facing each other. Flip your cushion cover right side out, and you’re ready to add the filling! I think not ;o). Add 5 cm to the width of one piece (so for us: 9/2=4.5 then +5cm=9.5cm), and 3cm to the width of the other. You now have a top, a bottom and two sides. I have a HUGE old couch I've been wanting to make new covers for--the center of the couch is flanked by two chaise-lounge type chairs. Pin the cording in place. * If you aren’t able to buy a cushion long enough that’s in one piece, you just use as many pieces as needed to fill the cushion length. Add 1″ onto that big number to allow for a 1/2″ seam allowance. Taking the long side panels for each cushion, we’re going to secure the piping in place. The cushion filling I bought was 4″ tall, so I knew that number would be the height of my cushion. This is really a nice idea and I am curious to be a part if it. We picked Sunbrella Esti Citronelle Upholstery Fabric. Purchase fabric for your cushion cover. You can find upholstery and slipcover fabric guides on We’re always happy to help our customers tackle their DIYs. Sketch the cushion dimensions on a piece of paper to visualize the pattern and construction. Why not reupholster your existing sofa cushions in a new, more stylish fabric? ? Pre-order your FREE Sailrite catalogs! I understand measuring the length and width of the foam insert and adding 1/2’ on each side for seams, but then at the end you suggest making the cushion cover smaller than that so that the insert fits tightly. Sign up now >. It’s easier than you think! Josh made amazing bench seating to give us a place to lounge, but it can be difficult to lounge properly on stiff wooden boards, so we decided to add some thick outdoor cushions to make our seating area more comfortable. But the extra will come in handy. Sewing Tucks at Forward Edge – 11:00 min. Make sure the material is wrong side out for sewing. Types of Cushion Fillings and Materials. two long strips per cushion for the piping. Roll the foam, and slip it into the cushion cover. The spray I linked isn’t Scotchgard and I don’t notice an unpleasant feel after I sprayed it. With your zipper foot still attached to your machine, sew around the outside perimeter. Step 3. Pin the opening closed. My Secondhand Decor Shopping Tips & Tricks! Draw a square out of dotted lines that matches the width and depth of your cushion on a piece of craft paper. Sew rings to the back of the cushions and couch. Repeat this process with both piping lengths for each cushion. Love the stripey fabric – especially against the pattern and plain cushions. It looks great though – loving the stripes! Cut out the pieces. Tucks or pleats give your bullnose cushion shape, and they also provide a stylish, decorative accent. For these covers we created a piped edge for a more polished finish, and to reflect the vintage style of the sofa. You’ll learn how to sew fabric tucks at the forward edge. So glad I could help! Sew the top and bottom pieces together along the cording on three sides. I love making my own pillows! For squared off corners simply make a diagonal cut 1cm (0.5 in) in from the corner for the same reason. How to Make a Cushion Cover Without a Zipper Make your measurements. You guys can literally make anything, wow! It’s time for a makeover . To make it an inch smaller in each direction, wouldn’t you then just cut to the exact width and length of the panels and take the 1/2”seam allowance on each side to make the panels an inch shorter in each direction? A boxing or band is then sewn to the sides. Before you sew all the way around the bottom panel, you’ll want to add a zipper at one of the ends so you can insert your cushion filling. A Guide To Moving Countries With Your Dog, How to Plan & What To Pack for A Trip to Phuket, New York Travel Guide: Central Park & Upper East Side, My Thrift Upcycles for National Op Shop Week. This will come in handy very soon! two shorter lengths for the back panel where the zipper will go. What thickness of foam did you use? Heavy-duty upholstery fabric can be anything from 6-ounce twills to 12-ounce canvas. What a great tutorial! Could you help? A removable cushion cover with elastic corners may save an outdated, stained, ripped or otherwise unattractive couch. Thanks! Thanks guys! Remove the pins from the rectangle, and pin the paper pattern to the folded fabric again. I’ll be making my patio furniture soon and nay good tutorial helps. (I usually get it right :o) Creepy? Cut out four pieces of cotton cording, each as long as the sides of your cushion, plus 1/2 inch. This is the line you will follow when you cut out the fabric. And that brings me to my question, where did you get the amazing carpet? Many many thanks for this step by step guide. I have been looking for one with all these colours and have yet to find one.


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