Many neodymium magnets also get damaged at around 80-100 C, so maybe it doesn’t limit the operating range that much. This is on flat road at max.speed of 130kmph Think about the rotor space between the schaft and the magnets. On the other hand demagnetization temperature will be  lower if you subject the magnet to a strong opposite magnetic field such in a motor. I’ve special ionterest in following points you mentioned: Nicely built and has a software package that works as well. Multumesc, Please send me the technic/CAD files so i can build that motor as well. Autocad Inventor 3D cad software was used by me to design 3D model of the motor. Proper combination between slots and poles count. Open source and radically transparent. / do you plan to do an AC design at some point? Somebody copied the motor and made some wrong changes which made the motor to produce much less torque than the original design. 7. hello ,sir plz i wont to your winding diagram full photo,plz send me my e mail. active nipples May 12, 2019. We strive for transparency and don't collect excess data. I am just designing a 10kW motor for 100V and ca 30kV. and i want to make a BLDC 45KW same your BLDC. In case of the Ultimaker, there is a very visible difference. Las Russ, New Mexico Do you have any rules, formulars or scientific publications which deal about that? =180*(18*25.4)/(2*1000)=41NM. Or perhaps you just define “DIY” as rigorously as possible? Looking for a more educational that practical BLDC build? •Skewing stator stack or magnets You have entered an incorrect email address! dear Iulian! Not satisfied with the specs of off-the-shelf brushless DC motors? Could you sell me the complete design of this 45Kw engine? Next step is to run mathematical analysis in magnetic field to see if i have some areas with saturated magnetic field. I know that my idea is not very efficient at the moment if using plump acc. mr do you have best invention from moter ,i ts relay good contraction idea .grate to grate thinking ,you can help us me .i m from inventor sir Lanka .smart self generating method i wont from you 45kw stator winding digram. Are you still making updates to this motor? Temperature classification for neodymium magnets, N stays from Neo from . border: none !important; 8. Now, technically, you can try to build your own drone or plane! There is in Romania a factory that steel lamination. This code uses PMW(Pulse-width modulation) to initialise ESC pin with 50Hz frequency, and change duty cycle to 7.5%, sleep for 3 seconds and stop. If you will call me at 928-274-3120 or text my your number I will call you. Thank you speed of motor and max. if yes at witch prince? The tractive force to drive the motor bike with around 80% is found to be I am also interested to make a motor like this. The overall quality of the print is important, of course, but the glass transition temperature depends on the material used, not the quality of the print. I’ve already seen some at hobby king even a few years ago. My drone had XGW_ESC VER2.4B controller with motor soldered in: Brushless motor has three wires: red for power, black for ground and yellow for signal transmission. Cogging torque. I want make same motor for our Car Learn how your comment data is processed. but i am having trouble with dynamical system. The wheel diameter is 18″(457mm). In the Youtube I saw a calculator software for simulation the move/rotation and torque (not the FEMM). NAJSMESNIJE OTVARANJE CHESTOVA IKADA ! Motors get hot, and plastic doesn’t like being hot. PLA has a glass transition range of a little over 60c, You don’t need it to be molten to deform (I left a spinner in my car yesterday, it was deformed and it never got over 21c all day). I am interested in ypur design from a generator perspective. my id is [ ]. So the resulting angle between two hall sensors is Hα=360*2/ 6* 7= 11,14 degree. Best regards, I am working on a similar project but am having a difficult time finding a low volume source of electric (silicon) steel.


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