Shannon. Read, ask questions, be active in your community. Do No Harm. Practice silence. A “graven image” is described as anything worshipped in place of God — whether it be other gods or demons, power, pleasure or money. Plant a garden with your child, and make it part of your daily routine to check on the progress of the plants together. She said: Is it a place to go for lunch? Most churches and synagogues also have children's services that introduce kids to the tenets of a religion in a way they can understand and enjoy. Set an example by telling her, "I'm so thankful we have this sunny day to go for a hike, aren't you?". Whether or not you practice an organized religion, you'll need to decide what you believe in order to foster spirituality in your child. and There is a lovely spiritual book store with kid books on Telegraph in Temisal It starts with an S. That has really good books. They really wanted to ask some very specific questions about what happens after you die. For kids from ages 5, there is usually a Sunday-school like 'Liturgy of the Word' during mass, which they love. In my book, I outline seven common personalities in kids (the defiant child, the fearful child, the difficult child, and others). Fights will break out; feelings will be hurt. Its clear from your post that spirituality is really important to you. Stress the spiritual side of holidays. My son is really into superheros and relating God as the only REAL superhero works for him. Thanks for your helpful comment on this! I suspect your son would not be 'very frustrated' with how a non-human God created all things, if he knew more about Jesus. Fran, There many Kid friendly service of all kinds, A great book is on the Day you were Born. and "Where do you go when you die? Read stories together from an illustrated Bible, a book of Hindu mythology, a collection of Jewish folk tales, amending and simplifying as you see fit. If I were not religious I would tell my child at that age that many people believe in God, who they believe is a heavenly father who loves and created the universe, and that they go there to pray to him and ask for his help. Will kids say mean things on the playground? We pray for other little children that don't get dinner-that they can get one tomorrow etc. If you don't know any traditional tunes, many recordings of religious music are available. There’s no shame in wanting your kids to believe the way you do. Introducing spiritual practices to your child when she's young – such as lighting candles or singing hymns together – lets your child view them as a natural part of life, and allows you to have a spiritual influence on her before other people do. A child’s age, certainly, will dictate the tenor of your conversations about God, and which stories are appropriate to share. By regularly attending services and social events at a place of worship, your child will benefit from a sense of community. We see the Spirit working in her and through her, though it may or may not be someone else’s notion of spirituality or religion (we believe no one is free to judge another‘s spiritual path). Religion comes from the Latin word meaning ''tied up'' or bound together. seeds, soil, rain, sunlight etc.. which of course God made as well. Maybe you post again asking specifically for groovy churches in the area. I think being open and unguarded is key. For example, you might say: “Some people believe that a magic power, often called God, created the universe and is watching over us. Republicans sue to stop Wisconsin vote certification, Read Now my kids are older, and they would probably not say they are Christian, but they are people who have spiritual beliefs, commitments, curiosity, and I'm happy with that. I was raised Jewish and now practuse Wicca and my daughters father is a receiving Catholic and patcutse nothing. It is intrinsic to being human, just like breathing. But, remember, you need not set up religion and science as opposing forces — the way religious people often do. Let them tell you when they are ready to learn about religion for kids and encourage them to ask questions. But that doesn’t mean they must respect religious intolerance. Have you ever noticed how religion can get in the way of a religious education? I do go to Catholic Church fairly regularly, but only since starting a family. Pr. Your priest or minister or religious school educator will know how to do it. That doesn't mean you have to have all the answers, but you should take time to consider the questions: Do you believe in God? "If you don't put your own spin on it, with your own values, they'll absorb someone else's.". My two young sons really enjoy Church now, and through the Liturgy of the Word, they really get how the stories of Jesus and the activities of the Church are positive models for daily life. Point out signs and symbols, religious clothing. What I would say and what my experience has been is that it might be worthwhile to open yourself to the idea that your children might have different spiritual questions than you do. Make sure you’re as open minded and un-biased as possible when explaining and answering questions. And giving your child a strong spiritual foundation gives him something to fall back on in trying times later in life. We're looking for places that are as bias-free as possible (eg. Just look at Jimmy Carter, Anne Lamott, and Stephen Colbert. When they have questions about God or faith it's probably you they are going to be asking. Asha Dornfest is the co-author of Minimalist Parenting: Enjoy Modern Family Life More By Doing Less, and the founder of Parent Hacks, an award-winning website devoted to sharing “forehead-smackingly smart” parenting advice. Introducing religion to your kids doesn’t have to be a big challenge. Keep in mind: There’s nothing wrong with faith. So invite her to join you in saying a prayer at different times of the day – for example, when she sees something beautiful, when she does something new for the first time, when she wakes up, or at bedtime. God as energy, God as the thing that makes your heart beat and flowers grow and eyes see. good luck. Buddism is very different in that people are not worshiping a heavenly father, but are trying to better themselves spiritually. As you describe, I have many questions and skepticism. The other day, we were passing by this gorgeous church downtown Oakland and my 3 1/2 yo asked me what it was. One of the many problems with ardently opposing religion is that it’s so damn boring. by Larry Fowler. So how do we, as first-generation secular parents, go about talking to our kids about God and religion? What is religion? As you are going through the journey of teaching your child about the different types of religions around the world, it’s important to always remember to approach this with an open mind and allow for your child to explore and ask questions about the different types of faith.


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