In many cases, a hot tub pump may not run because of other issues with your hot tub. You will need to make sure that you take the time to trace your wires from your circulator all the way back to the aquastate. The thermostat is the least likely candidate should this happen, it should still be noted though. Then, when I turned the power back on, the pump wouldn't start. The lights won't turn on, the jets won't work, NOTHING! The jet body houses the jet internal, which includes the diffuser insert, escutcheon, and the eye or nozzle. Google Jacuzzi air switches or parts and find a local vendor. Website operating Should be a simple fix. So if in doubt give us a call on 0333 7720082 Or alternatively contact us. problems contact The water needs to be above these normally for the hot tub to function correctly and in most cases will not allow you to run any function if not. Share: 3 replies. When this does occur, it is usually a result of a broken part that has become trapped inside and is blocking part of the water flow. There are many more it could potentially be including closed shut of valves etc. If this occurs chances are you need to call in the experts. It can also be a symptom of serious problems behind the seemingly pristine surface of the tiled wall. 1. You need to bleed the air out and replace it with water before the pump can catch prime. Is the pump/jets showing that it is on/off on the display? From servicing to repairs we cover the whole UK but more importantly we do not charge anything for advice. Hot tubs are a luxurious means of relaxation and rejuvenation, yet even this source of sublime pleasure has to be maintained. The circulating pump is stuck on and won't stop running. If the spa senses a power supply or electronic system issue, for example, it will shut down automatically to avoid damage. When you regularly and proactively care for your spa, it will keep giving back in valuable, healthy ways. Plumber. Causing the heater to cut off. Hello, I have a 2003 sundance cameo 850 spa. When I press the Jet button, it will only go into high mode, then back to low. An exception to this is if you’re closing down the hot tub completely. First, you have the jet body, which seals the backside of the spa wall with a locknut ring. If your hot tub won’t heat the water properly, it could be the heater element or low flow from your pump. Luckily this is quite rare and normally if you are maintaining your hot tub correctly and getting a professional service annually this is unlikely. Then try running the system again to see if it works If the hot tub pump is damaged naturally this will have the knock on effect of the hot tubs jets not working. that cannot stop running, then there are a few different things that you can do to help this. If this is the case you will need to repair or replace the hot tub pump. Quick and to the point. When a drip gets going, it can be more than a mere annoyance. Why Won't the Circulating Pump Work After Changing the Water in a Hot Tub?. Healthy Hot Tubs Ltd., Company Number: 08555712 If you find yourself wanting to check your system out further, then you can do this by getting the power to your system cut off. We love to speak to people. Excessive organic contamination, or lack of sanitizer. This will need to be done so that you can be sure that your circulator is not being powered directly by anything else. It may have even been your thermostat that could have been the issue. Finally, if your hot tub is heating it could be that your pump is not working properly. It worked fine this morning, but we had to shut it off today because my step dad built a new deck and it had to be moved onto it. You should only do this if you know how to use the OHMS function that is on your multimeter. Alternatively use our contact form to drop us a mail. I've got a 09 Viking Heritage II. But your tub doesn’t need to be old for the jets to pop out – too much chemicals can cause the same problem. If the tub continues to heat above 101F, look to see if the heater on light is ON or OFF on the control pad and if the jets are running hi or the usual low speed. You then need to remove your wires temporarily from the TV as well as the T. You will be able to find these wires at your zone valves. If the light is on or the indicator icon is moving, the hot tub should be heating. Questions of a Do It Yourself nature should be Most heating failure result from corrosion caused by low PH in water supply. Whenever your thermostat does call for heat, then when your zone valves do open up, then there should be the same short circuit as well as zero ohms. Every hot tub is different and based on your spa efficiency the process will very depending on model/year of spa. What Is a Hot Tub Pump? You may freely link If you see air start to bubble up from your hot tub's jets, just leave the system running until the air lock is pushed out. Hot Tub Circulation Pump Troubleshooting. This article explores five common hot tub problems and how to fix them yourself. All information is provided "AS IS." So, if you’re running into this, where your spa is actually hotter than where you want it to be, keep in mind also that the spa is really designed to run at 100 degree or above. How to Hook Up a Thermostat to a Circula... How to Hook Up a Thermostat to a Circulating Pump. If the water pumps do not work then in turn the jets will not be working on the hot tub. Water diverters do exactly what they are called they divert water from one part of the spa to the other. With over 75 troubleshooting and hot tub repair instructions as well as 25+ videos, you can find an introductory discussion on most topics in this area of our site. Often, the pump is fine, but an airlock or a sensor issue is keeping the spa from running. In times of cold weather when you’re not using the hot tub, it’s better to turn the thermostat down rather than turning off the tub altogether. If you twist them too far, the jet will actually turn off. No pressure? Even if your hot tub jet is not made by Waterway, you can use the diameter of the front face to identify a suitable replacement properly. Jetted tubs are amazing additions to any home. Last night we decided to use it for our first time, I have never owned or operated a hot tub before, so we just flipped some switches turned some dials and then it was running and bubbling. 1995-2018 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. There are a lot of parts that make up your hot tub that may eventually malfunction.


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