need more staff! They have partnered with the Veterans Administration and Eastern Colorado Healthcare System. They have excellent pricing on their products and they go out of their way to offer a super warm & friendly experience! What is the interview process like at High Level Health? Tammy and the High Level Health team are an amazing bunch to interact and shop with! Great links. You'll get promoted than attacked by the people you used to work with, and the management will just let it happen even for petty complaints like getting tools for the job at hand and people feeling threatened by you with it. Well worth the 4 hour drive. Since it was pre-packaged in 1/8s you can try eight different strains by paying $250 for an ounce and the budtender has nothing to complain about. Thank you so much for such a kind review, our High Level family is so grateful to hear such great feedback, you rock! nice people great flower, Hey 2strokebongsmoke, thanks for the awesome review! The edible selection at High Level Health covered the bases. And I can’t say enough about the importance of a VSO. More about High Level Medical Clinic Customer I’m a very old voice from the past, back in the day was a “bulletin Board” run by a gracious lady by the name of “T-Bird”. We like to provide our patients with the cleanest product possible, and are confidently able to assure you'r hands will be the first on the product with our prepackaged flower. What I was given makes up part of the support foundation I needed to get back on my feet. Worked great & good flavor. With you do not need a VSO to file your claim. I received a decision letter about a month ago saying it was granted as secondary to my service connected GERD. Hey, pot_shot420! All rights reserved. Hey Jansin, we are so glad you're loving our products! without this forum I would not have gained the knowledge in order to properly document in request an increase in my service connected disability for my degenerative disc disease.I want to thank everybody that’s involved with this forum. Kind Regards & Favorable Claims! Get weekly updates, new jobs, and reviews, The most useful review selected by Indeed. Prices are just right where I would expect them to be. 24 reviews of High Level Health "This medical dispensary is my favorite in Denver. Knowledge is power. Thanks for recommending us! You rock :). The flower was of the highest caliber, and they offered strains that you won’t see anywhere else because it is harder to grow or doesn’t have the highest yield. All I can say is thank you for creating HADIT and thanks to all the folks who have provided me and many other people with great advice and hope that all is not lost. I called back to the main VA number several times and they sent messages and finally one of the people who picked up the phone said just wait for the decision letter. I think it is admirable that High Level Health does what they do to give back to the Veteran’s community. :) Hope you visit us again soon, Tawas HLH Tribe. After years of appeals, I finally received at 40% rating and felt it was a long overdue relief. I learned how to appeal, and what kind of evidence might help me win. Yup, you guessed it, the appeal was denied and the reasoning was a cut and past from the original claim decision. I salute each of you and thank you for having my back. High-level flower is not cheap, and it is pre-packaged. Blessings be. Some of the sources of information BBB relies on are temporarily unavailable. Copyright © 2020 Weedmaps. We’ll guide you through the process. Got the BBE today 100% P&T .Started the journey 2010 with a Pro Bono Attorney . I'll admit I breezed right past what looks like a fancy store that sells nothing by overpriced, crappy, pre-packaged factory-weed. I asked god to please let me live long enough to see Marijuana legal (decriminalized). That advice and a few hundred bucks meant the difference…100%….between me losing and winning. (Of course, donations to support the site are accepted) There is so much information contained within this site that you could literally fill volumes. Hey gratefulzach! I think it should be part of training programs for vet reps, VSOs, and also for the VBA, at the regional office levels. They are open from 8am to 10pm, as long as possible. I go by Wild Bill for these reviews. If you can’t, help. is so much more than just member forums. Our High Level Health team is glad to hear you enjoyed your visit and that Anthony left you with that impression! And then treated like I was born yesterday. I wanted to share my experience with this new “fast track appeal” option called Higher Level Review (HLR) and see if anyone else has had this experience. Please help to support Tbird and her vision to keep this site safe and running for ALL of our servicemen and women and those who served our Great Nation. About 32 days after submitting my claim, and ironically while I was at VA appointment stuffed into an MRI machine, the decision officer Marcus called and left a message. It is OUR Veterans Affairs. A community connecting cannabis consumers, patients, retailers, doctors, and brands since 2008. I pulled into the parking lot and went on my phone to order...after just a few minutes, a worker (regrettably I didn’t get her name) had come out and helped me on the spot. You know I will be back. The elder and moderator members offer seasoned advice from veterans who were once where I was. Over the last couple of years, I returned to school and am now two credit hours away from a bachelors degree in social work. The prerolls I bought were top grade and I can't appreciate that more. Terry. We are so happy to hear that you enjoyed the Talent Scout our staff recommended and that it worked well for you! Rate your employer. Hello IA1816! However, at High Level Health, I have never been disappointed. : ). Copyright © 2020 Weedmaps. We can't wait to see you again . We hope to see you again soon =D, I asked god to please let me live long enough to see Marijuana legal (decriminalized). One thing that was distinguishing was that they only carry pure oils, no BHO. Ha ha ha!). Also, their prices are the best, and they The selection is influenced by their input. All the staff are always super nice and helpful. Let’s see how long we can keep this magical place alive.


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