Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. then you'll absolutely love this. The batter will be quite thick, no worries. But this oven is absolutely fantastic. Try these super-filling breakfast Paleo Protein Muffins. You don’t, and you’re better off with something like this low glycemic spiced cauliflower Paleo breakfast bowl, loaded with veggies, protein, and healthy fat that will keep you fueled for hours and hours. Right? No fancy devices needed. But if you're thinking of changing some things, read more. I live in Spain with my husband Marco. Spoon some peanut butter on top, making lines or swirls as you like. At first, I was worried (since I’m a huge baker) about not having a full sized oven. I've tested this recipe for 3 times before I finally feel happy with it. Looking forward to suprising hubs with a special treat when he gets home. This bread is becoming a staple in our house. I only added 1/4 c of brown sugar and the rest of the sweetness came from Organic Vanilla Protein and the bananas. Not to mention our fridge space is something else. Hopefully with regular testing I can find the right amount of time. In a large bowl, whisk together oats, cinnamon, baking powder, salt, and nutmeg. There’s something truly magical about having a whole apartment just to ourselves. Add all ingredients into a bowl, mix well and set aside. If you like, lay sliced banana down the middle of the loaf as shown in photo. . You just mix mix mix, with a hand whisk even. And if you're a fan of banana bread (I mean, duh!) This peanut butter banana bread recipe (which could also easily be made into an almond butter banana bread recipe) requires minimal effort, but provides you with a gluten-free loaf for the week! Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Seeing people share what they are thankful for the, Stop making exercise a “chore” and this thing. I mean, who wouldn't want that, right? With the right kind of bread, a peanut butter and banana sandwich is a nutritious food that supplies a healthy dose of fiber, protein and certain vitamins and minerals. Peanut butter chips? No problem. « Quick Pan-Fried Meat Buns (No Yeast And No Knead). This banana bread includes basically all of my favorite ingredients!. Lightly spray an 8x8 inch baking dish with non-stick cooking spray. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Milk (buttermilk) - I'd suggest using full fat milk for buttermilk in this. Chocolate chips - Use whichever tickles your tummy. All you, Here’s my promise to you. It basically replaces the oil in the recipe and keeps the bread moist. Hi nice to meet you! This healthy chocolate peanut butter banana bread is all that a typical banana bread would be but with wholesome ingredients. After taking a bite, you'd be surprised to know that it's a healthy treat. Oat flour in loaf breads tends to make the texture feels denser and gummy. I’m Bea, a former computer programmer, now a full-time food blogger. Regards, Gemma. One of my favorite parts about the place is our Breville mini oven. And it's natural to have cracks in them and it's even desired but we don't want humongous cracks that open up like a crocodile mouth, do we? ... just to bring a few to your attention. Anyway, I have lots of frozen slices of this bread in my freezer, crocodile mouth or not. This post may contain affiliate links. Thick peanut buttery homemade banana bread, hot from the oven, with melty chocolate chips and banana packed into every single delicious bite. And that's what this healthy chocolate peanut butter banana bread is about! Sign up for my weekly newsletter to get the latest recipes, articles, & podcasts delivered to your inbox. Well as we all know, healthy is subjective to every individual. For me, it's choosing wholesome ingredients with more benefits in nutritional values. Spelt flour - I'd suggest use spelt flour (sorry!). I’ve never added peanut butter to banana bread before, but It was a nice change. The combination of salty and sweet is amazing. A gluten-free peanut butter banana bread…what happy mornings are made from. Check at minute 50 to avoid over baking. I'll be making this today and I'm sure it will taste wonderful. Patience will be the key (Sorry love!) Top slices with additional nut butter and banana for a power packed mid-afternoon or pre-workout snack. Terra Glide Review & A Fun Workout To Try! Finally add in chocolate chips and fold everything together using a spatula. Peanut butter - Use natural almond butter or any natural nut butter. Hi, I’m Maria and I’m an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. Enjoy! Bake for 40 minutes, or until top is golden brown. Spread evenly (shaking the pan helps). Exercise will benefit, This month I’m trying really hard to focus on gr, 7 Simple Things You Can Do to Limit Environmental Toxins. Your browser must have Javascript support enabled to leave comments. After taking a bite, you'd be surprised to know that it's a healthy treat. I agree with you that healthy food doesn't need to be sad. Leave a comment, rate it (by clicking the stars in the upper right of the recipe card, below), and don’t forget to tag a photo @mariamarlowe or #mariamarlowe on Instagram. Now add in ½ of dry ingredients and mix well before adding the rest, try not to over mix. Almond flour, coconut flour will definitely need some adjustments in the wet ingredients so it's like making a whole new other recipe (some other time perhaps?). Enter your email address to subscribe to Fit & Well and receive notifications of new posts by email. I've tried using oat milk for this recipe and found out that the bread was a tad too dry for my liking. We love high rise loaf breads. We love muffins for their beautiful domey tops, right? Using all natural feel-good ingredients, this is a wholesome treat that you'd want to make and enjoy. Well that's what happened in my 1st test and I called it crocodile cake. Next, add the dry ingredients: almond flour, baking powder, and salt if needed. If no blender, in a large bowl, mash well with a fork for a few minutes, until they turn into a smooth, lump-free liquid or soup-like texture. Pour the batter into it. I'm so glad you're here! Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Bread. It was the perfect amount of sweetness. Your email address will not be published. Reducing a significant amount of leavening agent and using only 1 type, is crucial in this recipe. I had five, he had three. This bread was gone within a week and I’m pretty sure my poor hubby didn’t get any. Before getting married, both of us lived in apartments with roommates. Asian Beef Bowl with Cauliflower "Fried" Rice, Roasted Tomato & Pesto Pizza [Gluten-Free & Vegan], 6 Reasons An Air Purifier is Worth the Money, 12 Quick Healthy Weeknight Recipes [Ready in 20 Min], Summer Skin Glow Smoothie: Pineapple + Goji Berry, Low Glycemic Spiced Cauli Paleo Breakfast Bowl, Super-Filling Protein Packed Paleo Breakfast Muffins. Thanks for all the amazing recipes. I celebrated one month of marriage last week and the verdict is in…. Add all ingredients into buttermilk bowl and whisk everything together using a hand whisk. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Let’s work on glute and shoulder strength today! What's so healthy about this chocolate peanut butter banana bread, you might ask. We can decorate how we want and keep it nice and clean. Bread White bread contains less than 1 gram of fiber per slice, and usually fewer nutrients than whole-wheat bread. Try this healthy chocolate peanut butter banana bread that's soft, tender and not overly sweet.


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