I’m treasuring this time as I may never again have my entire family under the same roof. I was thinking back just 10 years ago at this time – my dad had passed away a few months prior, and I used another milestone birthday as an excuse to take my mom (with my aunt as her chosen guest) on an Alaskan cruise. And guess what? ), Oh my word! Life is hard (um, just look at the history of exile and the book of Lamentations!) What did you think the moment I made my first real decision? Supporting cross-cultural work. I am a beautiful gift; I want you to be excited when you touch that gift. Hands opening and fingers stretching. A fish with a straw. What are your hopes for the next twelve months? Copyright © 2020 Interactive One, LLC. You’ve made it through another year and now it’s time to move back to every day life. Your Story is my story, our story, and to live it large is my greatest dream. What kind of maturity or experience have you gained throughout the year? (Birthdays seem worthy of two exclamation points!!). . 4. I am reflecting on this same day, all those years ago, when I first took a breath of earth’s air. As I got out to help her into the car, she gleefully informed me that it was his birthday. She has a book deal for 2 books, the first will come out in the spring. Birthdays are a joyous time, but the significance of one year to the next is something we often overlook. Ears hearing and waiting. Welcome to the world we share – a life full of meaning from start to finish. a decade gone by or a milestone of sorts), it’s even more important for you to reflect over the period of time. Posted on October 6, 2012 by nmacdonald7. Hard to get quiet time but less concern in other ways. I have the breath of life. Step back, take it in. “I wish you love, hope and everlasting joy and happiness. What did you think when I gave my heart to You? whatever the stage and season the Lord has you in. The God of the cosmos. I was thinking back just 10 years ago at this time – my dad had passed away a few months prior, and I used another milestone birthday as an excuse to take my mom … And finally, that I love what I’m doing. Think of anything you’ve been doing differently or what events have occurred in your life this past year. So as not to bore you, I’ll limit myself to three things. But the December 22 – well, that is my birthmother’s birthday – exactly 9 months before mine! and offered a coupon code with a discount. Today is my birthday, and I am with You. Has your advancement in age changed you? Glad you got to enjoy your day!, . That’s quite, quite different, I think. (I’ll be enjoying a couple of celebratory outings with friends this week, but the real birthday celebration is a month away – stay tuned for more details!). A universe with design. And wait. Our God is quite symbolic, far beyond anything our minds can grasp, and studying the Jewish feasts and how Jesus has and will ultimately fulfill all of them is quite fascinating. 17 How precious to me are your thoughts, God!How vast is the sum of them! You’ll have to speak louder for me to hear you over the sound of my awesomeness. It’s hard to believe in 2011 on this day, I was in the throes of my “dark days.”  My mom had a brief respite from her hospital/rehab stays and was home, but needed a lot of help. AND yet we are to mark and remember and raise a glass to all that God has done in the messy middle of reality. I have been surprised by the opportunity for online debriefing (Debriefing COVID-19), wonderful people I have met this year (don’t you love how ministry opens doors to relationships! I lived in my mother’s womb for nine months, fed by an umbilical cord connecting me to her resources, and immersed in liquid. You already know the 2011 significance. I was fashioned and designed by more than random evolution. Then I decided to look up the cultural definition of the phrase “11th hour” and here is exactly what Wikipedia says: “The Eleventh Hour is a phrase meaning ‘late in the day’, taken from a passage in the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard in the King James Bible.”, One other interesting tidbit. 18a Were I to count them,they would outnumber the grains of sand…. While every year, brain changes do influence maturity and who you are emotionally and physically, it’s just interesting to see the differences in your choices from year to year. I am extraordinary. Last August where were you? Days were ordained for me. : 1. But I just recently learned of a newer theory with some very solid evidence, that Jesus was actually born on September 11, 3 B.C. Thank you for being my best friend!” 12. There is distance. 14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;your works are wonderful, I know that full well. Study Shows How ‘COVID-19 World’ Impacts Bible Engagement…and It’s Not Good, Why This Denomination May Soon ‘be on life support’, Christian Recording Artist Calls Out Non-Mask Wearers After Aunt Dies From COVID-19, Pastor John MacArthur: ‘America Is in a Moral Free-Fall’, Katy Perry Returned to Her Church Roots Performing Hymn ‘As The Deer’ at AMAs, The Psalms on True Praise and Thanksgiving, We Can Worship God Even When We Don’t Understand, 3 Powerful Keys to Grow in Personal Worship, Better Sundays Begin on Monday: The Power of Resilience, Why It’s Important to Get Along With the Senior Pastor, The Blessing of a Low-Tech Church in a High-Tech Pandemic. Life is short, so make sure you’re living it to its fullest! We are all together in my house across the street for now, Mark, Tara and 4 kids. Known about. The third decade of my life has passed and as I enter into a new season of life, I have found value in reflecting on the last 10 years of my journey. Self-reflection is a big part of self-improvement. Nika sold her house and everything in obedience to the Lord who said Clear out. Close. I didn’t want to miss telling you myself. Pearl is 8 mo. Only the straw wasn’t in my mouth; it was in my belly. It was my last birthday with her. He hasn’t let me in on it yet. It’s important for them to touch me, hear me, grow with me, cry with me, laugh with me. and flourish, even in weird, soul wilting seasons. (Thank you for asking questions and sorry for the confusion! With meaning. There is a lack of recognition by another. At some point I went from just having an awareness of that, to realizing that part of my destiny and calling was to give witness to it – that we are in the “11th hour.”  Then, just the other day, I made another crazy discovery. For the first time in my life, she’d forgotten. Silver soul mingled with crimson and carbon. What have you spent most of your time doing? 2. Eyes opening, perceiving. ( Log Out /  I was in Denver, Colorado in the exciting middle of launching two new endeavors: a book for those in their first year on the field and this digital recourse. Known in a way that means my presence within these moments, minutes, hours, days, years, lifetime is not random. Yes, I go to Dallas tomorrow for a week or so. With consciousness. I’ll list six questions and then answer them for Global Trellis. I’m not the big point, but I am a little one. There are many evidences for this, including that is not a time of year that shepards would have been in the fields, because it is too cold. I spent an afternoon last week practicing parking with my 15 year-old-niece. Effort met love met art met majesty. It’s easy to dismiss the power and role of celebrations or to downplay these anniversaries in the midst of the urgent or the heartbreaking. It’s been annoying. Life can change in any time frame, whether it’s year to year or even day to day in terms of what’s happening.


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