RICKENBACKER 330 FG Mint 2008 GUITAR, BASS and UKULELE LESSONS---We have 3 Teachers-All styles. It outlines in detail what is and what is not allowed. Many great instruments Clevinger 5 string EASTWOOD Delta 6 P 90 Resonator only $399 Hand built with the same precision as our larger guitars, just 25% smaller. Super J, 4 String,modestly named after me. FENDER American Original 50's Precision Blonde In our 2-Week (10 day) Electric Guitar Building Course, you will establish a solid foundation for guitar building as either a hobbyist or as a full-time luthier. GODIN SALE Many Guitars and Basses ON SALE until Saturday! by category, in alphabetical order. we can order anything! to your home, and to ship to you. ZAD900CE Full Size Acoustic Electric 50th Anniversary, ZAD900CE Full Size Acoustic Electric 12 String, ZAD80CE "AURA" Full Size Acoustic Electric, ZAD50CE African Mahogany Full Size Acoustic Electric, ZAD50CE Vintage Sunburst Full Size Acoustic Electric, ZAD20E Solid Spruce Full Size Acoustic Electric, Specifications and materials are subject to change at any time. During that time, I built a very good and nice looking Spanish guitar. Not content to just make guitars, we’ve been busy developing some new tools and jigs that drastically improve the guitar-making experience. With over 20 hours of video instruction and access to a community of builders in the discussion board. was $1400 now $599 LEFTY Joe Pass Epiphone, older MIK - Solidbody If you’re looking for your last guitar you can pass onto your children this is our #1 model. "BASS GUY" brand BASS STRINGS IN STOCK We are now OPEN INSIDE THE STORE. 1965 FENDER Jaguar Welcome to the O’Brien Guitars online courses page. 1960's AMPEG BABY BASS $2900 1983 FENDER Jazz Bass $1500 1980 BC RICH Mockingbird Bass $2,500 and amps in stock from: Aria - Breedlove - Carvin - Citron - Curbow (US) - Dean - Please call 732 225-4444 with any questions. Welcome PAUL REED SMITH CE-24 $1599 H E L P * W A N T E D GIBSON Custom Ship CS-356 It functions as a standalone go-anywhere acoustic or it can be fitted with an optional pick-up for amplified playing … and plugged in they sound even better! Your same login is valid for all courses. - Hollowbody, Basses 1976 OVATION 12 string acoustic electric $800, 1977 FENDER Mustang $1,500 Dominic, Guitar making and repair Level 2 "I’ve always been interested in guitar design, so when I heard about this course I decided I would turn a passion into a career. Made from HDPE with+ Read More, If you’re working on a guitar build project in your home workshop and you’ve hit a “roadblock” – some issue that you can’t resolve – or you just need some expert advice, we’re here to assist. Come in and experience our quality and service! Brisbane Guitar Making School now offers a limited number of casual places to accommodate for those in this situation. AUTHORIZED DEALERS for SADOWSKY NYC BASSES-now in stock See them here. Shift workers and regular travelers for example. - Basses, Amplifiers GODIN A 6 Ultra $799 *Specials/Sales*, Electric In this course, you’ll learn to build either a Tele- or Strat-style electric guitar by traditional methods and head home with an instrument you have made! Please come in for a custom order. Our flagship guitar. Develop the skills of a luthier and build an acoustic, flattop guitar from scratch! Watch this box for reopening information. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more…. is an authorized dealer for all the brands below. Our original hand made guitar we’ve been building for 32 years that competes with guitars 3 times its price, the 50 Series has all the prerequisites of the traditional acoustic guitar. If you want the look, feel and sound of a high dollar acoustic with 50% easier playability, this is the best guitar we offer. 1979 GRETSCH Country Club


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