The bikes in the 1995 catalog were blue also but not as dark as mine. I edited my grammatical goof, it appears as GT now in the thread, but still appears as gt elsewhere. BMX, littéralement bicycle motocross en anglais, est une discipline sportive qui nous viens d'outre atlantique. I may take you up on that offer soon. Thanks again for the helpful advice. C'est alors qu'en 1993 BMXGANGSTER fut créer. Flash. Flash. There was also an identical to mine looking seatpost but this being my first GT, I'm not sure how often those things changed. Free gifts with all orders. Ajouter au panier-10,00 € BMX GT Performer noir 21 gt-performer-noir-21. Time left 6d 21h left. I have no knowledge on Rock Shox or their history and have done zero research to date. Something you said above about serial numbers makes me think that you are wondering if the serial number on your bike somehow doesn't follow the usual GT pattern for serial numbers. 1 149,95€ Promo. QUESTIONS? Following up on your recommendations in your original message to me, I just finished browsing members under G, found him and was reading some of his previous posts/threads, checked back to this thread, and found your most recent 2 messages. Le BMX GT Performer 18 pouces et parfait pour bien débuter le freestyle lorsque l'ont mesure 1,20 m à 1,50 m, Le BMX GT Performer 16 pouces et parfait pour bien débuter le freestyle lorsque l'ont mesure 1,00 m à 1,30 m. C'est grâce à mes parents, qui avaient un petit magasin de cycle dans l'Est de la France, que j'ai découvert le Bicross. It would have been nice to do so but not a necessity. First being the color scheme, second the Jetts fork, third the drivetrain style (looks like 90's stuff) and also for the weird stem length which was most common back then. Trés souvent breakless (sans frein), il s'agrémente aussi d'un sytème de Freecoaster dans le moyeu arrière lui permettant de rouler en marche arrière sans que les pédales ne tournent. Ready for same day despatch from SourceBMX. Sur un piste de 400 mètres environ avec des obstacles et des virages relevé, les riders s'affrontent par 8 et sur un tour. Americas Bike Company offers GT BMX Bikes for sale online. $8.00. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Please complete all fields below to submit your Price Match. Shop Dan's for the widest selection of GT in the US. GT BMX Bikes offer quality components paired with outstanding frame design to give you the best ride around. I was extremely surprised, and very, very pleased, to find an AEO sales catalog with GT bikes from 1995 last night. 3 le dirt qui reprend les code du FMX avec des séries de bosses sur lequel les dirteurs font des figures technique. I feel I have a greater appreciation for and understanding of my GT by doing this research myself but if a GT'er can tell me what I've got I'll have that much more time to go riding. Ce vélo à ensuite évolué au fil du temps pours s'adapter au exigences technique de chaque disciplines. Sorry your search is such a difficult one! I'll try to fing the gm... guy you spoke of too. I've looked at bikepedia but I'll look again, more carefully and thoroughly this time. or Best Offer. For some reason, that frame rides so good and smooth, and I feel bad for Medic who had his stolen. I've never really had a bike worth taking but I do know how you must have felt. Watch; 82 GT Santa Ana BMX Frame … Looks to me like AEO said "Put shocks on this bike": I also have a '96 Timberline FS, and it's a steel hardtail. By guidog in forum Bike and Frame discussion, By akawags in forum Vintage, Retro, Classic. Shop for BMX Frames at Here at Albes BMX we stock BMX frames from the best brands in BMX. Again, I really appreciate your input and advice. SIMPLY SELECT YOUR SIZE AT CHECKOUT WHEN PROMPTED! I may pm them if I can't find anything on bikepedia. I'm, no pun intended, riding the fence on this for now. BMX Gangster, des spécialistes à votre service. Top. Le freestyle quand à lui se décline en 4 pratiques distinctes: 1- le park qui se pratique sur les SK8 park et ou le but est d'effectuer le maximum de figures sur les différents modules proposé, système de freinage munis de un rotor et quasiment indispensable pour faire des bar-spin et des whip. My 2 local LBS didn't have any info when I went in for parts. If you end up (or wish to) disassemble the bike, sometimes there are date codes on some of the parts. Search site: Submit Search. Nouveau.


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