Wet feet: Garlic does not grow well in standing water.It will tend to rot if it has wet feet for too long. Applying mulch is optional but it’s advisable to apply mulch when the weather is dry in order to retain some moisture for faster sprouting. Garlic is one of the most amazing foods you can eat for so many reasons and according to many experts, the health benefits are still emerging every day. Garlic (Allium sativum) is fairly easy to grow, and garlic plants are popular garden favorites.A low-maintenance plant, garlic makes a fine addition to any vegetable garden, and it doesn't require a lot of care. All you need to do is follow these simply 5 steps: Break up the garlic bulb into cloves and bury them a couple inches deep in loose, damp soil. "Dirty" bulbs and more work to harvest: Clay will tend to cling to the outer paper garlic skins.This will be cumbersome to remove and may stain the outer wrappers. Read: Effective Hacks for Growing Garlic Indoors. In additional to being a super-food, garlic is also super easy to grow. I was so excited to find this Youtube video describing exactly how to grow garlic step by step in a window sill or any warn sunlit area of your home. Conclusion To conclude, growing garlic is easy as long as you follow the steps mentioned here and as long as the soil bed is manageable (not that wide). Northern gardeners should mulch heavily with straw for overwintering. How to care for your garlic Mulching. harvesttotable.com Source: harvesttotable.com . An important thing to acknowledge about growing garlic in water though: it could stink so you might need an indoor greenery like the outback or a spare room to grow it on. To solve this problem, try growing it in raised beds, and/or increase sand and organic matter in the soil. Growing your own garlic at home can be both fun, rewarding, and cheap.


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