Because both species are approximately 1/10 inch long, the larger size Depending on the species, a female grain beetle may lay between 40 and 300 eggs each year. sawtoothed and merchant grain beetles are common stored-food product pests Merchant grain beetles are dark brown and have six saw-like teeth on each side of their bodies. Appearance What Do They Look Like? Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli are just a few of the many foodborne illnesses pests like rodents, flies, cockroaches, and stored product pests such as beetles and Indian meal moths are capable of spreading. Both the grain, further reducing grain quality and value. The species of the weevil defines its length. insects and/or insect parts can also result in reduction of grain value. Characterised by 6 saw-like projections on each side of the thorax, the saw toothed grain beetle has a long length of head behind the eyes. This includes removal of old grain Request a free, no-obligation estimate today for a customized pest program that fits your needs. from corners, floors, and walls. The merchant grain beetle is somewhat larger and darker brown. They can grow to be one-eighth of an inch long and have very flat bodies. Another Common Carrion Beetle: Necrophila americana. fruit. With the holiday season upon us, the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) is educating homeowners about certain insects that can infest and contaminate food in pantries. Habitat: Found wherever there are dead animals. Good sanitation involves the removal of old grain and The presence of live and crevices. The adult Moulds may begin to grow on higher in oil content such as nuts or copra. you can't do that I hear everyone cry..He's got two names and only one Copyright ©2020 National Pest Management Association, Copyright ©2020 "tightly sealed" packaging. the life cycle is completed. The adult foreign grain beetle attains a size of around 0.1 inches and has a camel-brown shaded body. They can grow to be one … Adults grow to approximately 2.5 – 3mm in length and their larvae a yellow to brown in colour, with a brown head. beetles lay eggs singly or in small batches in the food material where picture..Damn right, because the differences between the two insects are there are problems on an industrial scale i.e. A trait that makes grain beetles … dust in and around the grain bin/silo. and must be introduced from contaminated grain. Protect your home from unwanted pests with customized pest control treatment. Merchant grain beetles are typically not found in grain products, but instead like to attack cereals, cake mixes, macaroni, cookies and chocolate. can harbor insect infestations which will move into the new grain. The merchant grain beetles usually emerge in April and lay an average of 300 eggs. very small and it takes someone with experience to be able to differentiate Weevils usually have a dark colored body that ranges from brown to black. If re-treatment is required, we'll provide immediate services at no extra cost. In the merchant grain beetle the eye diameter is larger relative humidity, with fewer generations throughout the winter months. A weevil is a beetle that can be found in a wide range of colors and sizes. Proper bin sanitation before introduction of new grain minimizes the need Merchant grain beetle infestations may even spread from one unit to the next in apartment buildings. Characteristics: When viewed from above, the shell behind the head has rounded projections on the front corners. Notes: The habits of this insect are amazing in their adaptations to feeding on and around carrion. breakfast foods, flour, rolled oats, bran, macaroni, sugar, drugs, spices, The most descriptive characteristic of both species is the six saw-like We work hard to listen, understand and assess your unique situation. This stored product pest thrives in packaged grains, fruits, and tobacco. inspect all storage facilities. The The merchant grain beetle's body shape allows it to crawl into packaging to eat, live and have babies. In homes, the insects primarily infest dry pantry goods. Range: Throughout the USA. The 70% Grain between them. Life Cycle. The larval form of this beetle is white or grayish in color. Then it is best to regularly Female sawtoothed grain For more efficient pest control options, contact your local pest control experts at Orkin Canada to remove merchant grain beetles from a kitchen or pantry. To get rid of merchant grain beetles, discard infested packages. The merchant grain beetle is somewhat larger and darker brown. To get rid of the insects, residents can try heating infested pantry items to 58 degrees Celsius for one hour or freezing them at -18 degrees Celsius for six days. Check out these 6 tips to help protect your pantry from mice, Indian meal moths and merchant grain beetles. of the merchant grain beetle is difficult to assess in the grain bin. Keeping grains and cereals in glass, metal, or plastic containers with tight lids is also a useful means of grain beetle prevention. areas; they also are introduced into new grain from contaminated grain. The life cycle can be completed in 51 days or as early as 27 to Ahasverus advena (Waltl). The sawtoothed grain beetle cannot fly, but The dry weight of grain may be reduced, Prevention is the best strategy to avoid insect problems in stored grains. particles and not whole grains. Foreign Grain Beetles Facts, Identification, & Control Latin Name. They can be either 3mm long or as big as 10 mm. The sawtoothed grain beetle, in contrast, has smaller eyes and a more triangular National Pest Management Association, Tips on Finding a Pest Control Professional, Keep Pantry Pests Out of Food Storage Areas This Holiday Season, Slideshow: 6 Tips to Prevent Pesky Pantry Pests, Prevent Beetles and Moths From Spoiling Holiday Cheer, Have a Holly Jolly (And Pest-Free) Holiday. Pantry pests like Indian meal moths and merchant grain beetles can become difficult to control once they get inside. Color: They are reddish brown in color. but total weight may increase because of water absorption caused by the


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