Establish a forward looking transport strategy for the next 5 to 10 years, rather than simply to accommodate your current goals. How do your transport policies encourage collaboration between different teams in your business? Environment. There are several aspects to a transport planning strategy, of which policies form the blueprint. Integration is also necessary, closely coordinating the relationship between your own fleet and that of your supply chain partners, bridging the gap between transport planning and environmental awareness, and linking up your warehouse team, management and delivery team into one unified supply chain. H��Wmo�8�+�R@�!�)��m��i�����n�����vw��3CJ�lK�J. Don’t let procedures stand unchallenged for their own sake or develop piecemeal. Economy. Do NOT compromise on safety. Employees will be treated fairly and our standard will be the Golden Rule, where we will treat people the way we want to be treated. Whether you are struggling with warehouse space and need a new layout or design or need advice on transport solutions, we can help. A transport planning strategy should spell out how you are to make the best use of the assets and infrastructure you already have. Considerations such as productivity and cost savings are secondary to knowing that your transport strategy helps you achieve the year-on-year growth, service targets and turnover you set for your business. Your Transport Plan will cover different areas relating to warehouse layout, stock control, storage, fleet management and handling costs. Enhance the integration and connectivity of the transportation system, across and between modes, for people and freight; To improve your transport planning strategy and supply chain management, you first need to know what you want to achieve from your supply chain, before making and changes or committing any investment for most businesses there are two overarching goals behind transport planning: With these strategic goals in mind, transportation planning involves four main objectives, which we will explore in this article: The purpose of transport planning is to support your business goals. What extra considerations does an improvement bring in terms of compliance and administrative responsibility? E9��g����~:>{��%�矟�|��Wv��`�kf��� t���3\ړ�P�ٜ䮉�����rȅr�q�NvUU�&ܝ��� ���v�>��K�2��n~�#Ћ�0b �n��-25t[c ͆�4�pekm��@3ۆ��}z � �i����C��p�2J��7_�I��A�:��%�k �;/$ ��R[�}�\g�O��:C^r%Z�O��� N�]�{N��zqSj2���&�G��m��=(A��MK�5�Rp�L>�wP��8�[�}4��� ����sS�oȴ��1�ݵ�`eڣ�8Y#��hr*���"�= C/1`��Qn��pPl�o�?W姩€:�;��>��b�Hj�&��� Nevertheless, controlling its costs and efficiencies requires a careful balancing act to maintain customer satisfaction levels, contractual obligations and the needs of the operation. An important objective should be to plan investment in new technologies, procedures and employees over time, so as to retain your competitive edge and increase the returns you get from your supply chain. Appraisal Criteria Objective. © LPC International. International Furniture Transportation and Logistics Council, International Home Furnishings Representatives Association, Furniture Today | The Weekly Business Newpaper of the Furniture Industry, Specialized Furniture Carriers Association, Home Furnishings International Association. )Q�”��J����W��xz�{Y}��;���� Finally, we will provide our outside partners with the knowledge we can be relied upon by having redundant systems that are backed-up appropriately so they can feel certain all obligations have been met, even under adverse circumstances. �T�ϋ07!�1�� Some changes come with hidden extra costs and others with surprise benefits, which is why a thorough and ongoing planning process is essential before any changes are made. c�ytU�w�խ.��n�mM]l�ۮ-��6Jl�C��ài���)�Ŕ��7aZO���@9ԍsef�2P������7*�����F�ﶝj�׶3��!+��p,6�� T$Z�>����W?��|�|m���- �b�Tg9 As such, that requires reinvestment in our company on a continuing basis. %PDF-1.7 %���� A proper transport… A completed transportation planning process communicates the desire and direction of the state for progress. Policies provide a framework by which people carry out their jobs, use your assets and assess their results. 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All Rights Reserved. Read more, Topics: Search . The advantages of a good transportation planning process are as follows- 1. As stated many times, our goal is to solve our customer’s problems before they know they have problems and to provide pristine and timely delivery of their product. Given its critical role, transport planning is essential and good planning reaps rewards in efficiencies that add to the bottom line. The company’s key focuses will be safety and customer service. between transportation improvements and State and local planned growth and economic development patterns; 6. Transportation planning can identify the existing deficiencies in the system and make viable changes to address the issues for the future 2. 1 0 obj <> endobj 2 0 obj <>stream Fleet composition is another, including the question of whether to use in-house or third-party vehicles, and route planning strategy is another. 2015-10-09T09:53:31-05:00 !��e���Zğ�1kd�������={�N����3v|��,���q���/�,>�_�g��ߎg?�X������n�Y����A7�x��n�9����ͮ���{ �X��G�8+Mq���G�^���߼����R? Goals are typically described in words; objectives often come with numbers and specific dates. One of the long-term goals and objectives for every logistics company is reducing costs. The others are assets, which include software, logistics vehicles, physical warehouses and other technology, and staff. When mapping out changes involving investment, design, policy or business goals, think about sustainability and integration. We will do this by opening our communications to outside inquiries of key date, by providing advance information on shipments so our customers can plan their resources and deliveries and by accepting feedback.


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