What type of defect can arise when a solid is heated? The vapour pressure of pure liquids A and B are 450 and 700 mm Hg respectively, at 350 K. Find out the composition of the liquid mixture if total vapour pressure is 600 mm Hg. All Rights Reserved. Give the oxidation state, d-orbital occupation and coordination number of the central metal ion in the following complexes: Action of soap is due to emulsification and micelle formation. What are ambident nucleophiles? class-12 0votes 1answer Ethanol is converted into ethoxy ethane, (1) by heating Ethanol with excess of conc. Copyright © 2020 saralstudy.com. What do you mean by activity and selectivity of catalysts? CH 3-CH 2-OH →CH 2 =CH 2 + H 2 O 2)Ethene upon hydrogenation in the presence of a catalyst like nickel or palladium yields ethane.It is known as hydrogenation reaction. how will you bring about the following conversions... General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements. Mon to Sat - 10 AM to 7 PM (iv) Although amino group is o, p- directing in aromatic electrophilic substitution reactions, aniline on nitration gives a substantial amount of m-nitroaniline. Write the structural formula of 1-phenylpentan- 1-one. (i) pKb of aniline is more than that of methylamine. Which physical property is affected by it and in what way? Also find the composition of the vapour phase. Write the isomers of the compound having formula C4H9Br. You are very important to us. Explain [Co(NH3)6]3+ is an inner orbital complex whereas [Ni(NH3)6]2+ is an outer orbital complex. (Delhi 2009) Answer: Question 2. Q:-[NiCl 4] 2-is paramagnetic while [Ni(CO) 4] is diamagnetic though both are tetrahedral.Why? Identify the hydrocarbon. H2SO4 at 443 K. Give simple chemical tests to distinguish between the following pairs of compounds. Calculate the mass of a non-volatile solute (molar mass 40 g mol-1) which should be dissolved in 114 g octane to reduce its vapour pressure to 80%. Important Questions for Class 12 Chemistry Chapter 12 Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids Class 12 Important Questions Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids Class 12 Important Questions Very Short Answer Type Question 1. H2S, a toxic gas with rotten egg like smell, is used for the qualitative analysis. A 5% solution (by mass) of cane sugar in water has freezing point of 271 K. Calculate the freezing point of 5% glucose in water if freezing point of pure water is 273.15 K. Calculate the mass of urea (NH2CONH2) required in making 2.5 kg of 0.25 molal aqueous solution. (All India 2009) … (vii) Gabriel phthalimide synthesis is preferred for synthesising primary amines. Q:-Write the reactions of Williamson synthesis of 2-ethoxy-3-methylpentane starting from ethanol and 3-methylpentan-2-ol. Recently Viewed Questions of Class 12th chemistry. Q:-Write the mechanism of hydration of ethene to yield ethanol.Q:-A solution of glucose in water is labelled as 10% w/w, what would be the molality and mole fraction of each component in the solution? Draw figure to show the splitting of d orbitals in an octahedral crystal field. Comment. (v) Aniline does not undergo Friedel-Crafts reaction. A hydrocarbon C5H10 does not react with chlorine in dark but gives a single monochloro compound C5H9Cl in bright sunlight. (ii) Ethylamine is soluble in water whereas aniline is not. Henry's law constant for CO2 in water is 1.67 x 108Pa at 298 K. Calculate the quantity of CO2in 500 mL of soda water when packed under 2.5 atm CO2 pressure at 298 K. How the following conversions can be carried out? Give the uses of freon 12, DDT, carbon tetrachloride and iodoform. (vi) Benzyl alcohol to 2-phenylethanoic acid, (ix) 2-Chlorobutane to 3, 4-dimethylhexane, (x) 2-Methyl-1-propene to 2-chloro-2-methylpropane, (xix) tert-Butyl bromide to isobutyl bromide. Dear Student 1) Ethanol (C 2 H 5 OH) is dehydrated in the presence of excess conc. If the solubility of H2S in water at STP is 0.195 m, calculate Henry's law constant. If the density of solution is 1.2 g mL-1, then what shall be the molarity of the solution? (iii) Methylamine in water reacts with ferric chloride to precipitate hydrated ferric oxide. sulphuric acid to produce ethene (C 2 H 4).It is called Dehydration reaction. How will you bring about the following conversions? Explain with an example. Write the structure of 3-oxopentanal. A solution of glucose in water is labelled as 10% w/w, what would be the molality and mole fraction of each component in the solution? 8788563422. Calculate the mole fraction of benzene in solution containing 30% by mass in carbon tetrachloride. Amazingly written with every required details....excellent samples so as to be written in board exams....thumbs up!!!!!! For any content/service related issues please contact on this number . (vi) Diazonium salts of aromatic amines are more stable than those of aliphatic amines. Recently Viewed Questions of Class 12th chemistry.


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