Visit the US History Until 1789: Lesson Plans & Resources page to learn more. We tend to glamorize and romanticize the past, but the truth is life was tough for the New England colonists. Anyone can earn Economic activities and trade were dependent on the environment in which the colonists lived. I don't know how to explain it … What is the single best and single worst thing about living and working in modern times. In this activity, your students will design their very own wooden ships. Slavery provided only a small amount of the labor force in early colonies. Sciences, Culinary Arts and Personal Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? Ensure that students understand what bartering is and explain that the colonists usually ended up bartering both with Native Americans and fellow colonists. New England is far from the center of the country, is relatively small, and is relatively densely populated. After all, they arrived on the Mayflower and the Speedwell to begin their new lives. Log in here for access. Additional Journal Entry or Final Discussion Question: Would your students want to build a time machine and go back to live in the New England colonies for years? Finally, have them each write a one-paragraph diary entry telling what they thought of the process. Much more common were indentured servants, who were either sent over by European governments as punishment, or came of their own free will but without the means to pay their way to the New World. Afterwards, engage the class with the following discussion questions: Get access risk-free for 30 days, Economic activities and trade were dependent of the environment in which the Colonists lived. 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Fishing The Southern colonies were further south closer to the equator. The geography and climate impacted the trade and economic activities of New England Colonies. Farming 2. | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} Fur, lumber, fish and iron ore soon became important industries and helped establish New England's economic system, according to HowStuffWorks. Later, Vermont and Maine would be added to comprise what we know today as the New England region. Put the students' drawings into the bucket and allow each student one chance to 'go fishing' for lunch. The first colonists traded with the Indians, receiving furs in exchange for European goods. Economic Activities of Southern Colonies. The Southern Colonies' Economical Activities were: 1. Which system is better, bartering or currency? Discussion Question: Which wood did the colonists believe was best for building ships? All rights reserved. Then have them exchange and barter with one another. Did you know… We have over 220 college Not sure what college you want to attend yet? While the students are doing this, make the 'fishing rod' by attaching some yarn to the stick and placing a loop of tape on the end of the yarn (this will act as their 'hook'). Economic Activities of New England Colonies. After a decade, a Great Migration of English people populated the Americas and founded the colonies of New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. The North American colonies that were settled by the English are often divided into three different groups: the New England colonies, the Middle colonies, and the Southern colonies. Why? What student wouldn't want to skip school and go fishing instead? They sold these furs back to Europe and the fur trade grew into a successful industry. In the New England towns along the coast, the colonists made their living fishing, whaling, and shipbuilding. Then, advise the students that they are going to write their own versions of a bartering song. Lumber and iron ore were also profitable industries for New England colonists, since these were both important resources in England. Could we get rid of money and barter today in a world of over seven billion people? Describe the primary economic activity for each of the three colonial regions: the New England colonies, the Middle colonies, and the Southern colonies. 's' : ''}}. When they catch their fish, have them go online to research some interesting facts about it (you can have them make a bullet list of these facts on the back of their drawing, if you would like). Due to the poor, rocky soil, farming was not a viable option for the settlers. New England farmers often depended on their children for labor. Finally, have your students meet back up in one large group and pose the following discussion questions: To unlock this lesson you must be a Member.


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