), We Have Recipes for the Keto Comfort Foods You're Craving. I wouldn't buy them again unless the price were under a $1. If you've somehow remained unaware, it's the high-fat, moderate-protein, and low-carb diet that some people swear by. its important to take it out of the microwave in time, otherwise the cake will be dry. These tasty individual snacks have 5 grams of net carbs, 0 grams of added sugars (not a low calorie food) and 9 grams of protein per serving; and they are gluten-free. Agreed. Duncan Hines’ Personal-Sized Oreo Cake Is the Perfect Dessert, Duncan Hines’ Cookie Cake Bakes in the Microwave for Just 2 Minutes, You Can Get a Duncan Hines Heart-Shaped Red Velvet Cake for Date Night. $2.50 $ 2. These individual mixes are only 2.1 to 2.5 ounces, so it makes for the perfect personal-sized snack! I had the birthday cake one and had bad stomach pains the next day. I'm paying $5 a pint for a container filled with 70% air. This recipe for a flourless chocolate keto cake from Chocolate Covered Katie calls for almond flour, cocoa powder and granulated erythritol, a sugar substitute. I bought these a few weeks ago for shark week. Even if you’re not into keto, the cups might still be worth trying. Duncan Hines Cake Mixes Recalled Over Salmonella, Keto People! Has anyone tried these or have an opinion on them? I think the birthday cake one had like 300+ calories (please correct me if I’m wrong) and I’m like you, I was pretty skeptical about the nutrition label and the nutrition in general. Besides the keto aspect, one of the best parts of these cake cups is that there is virtually no prep time or clean up. The flavors include walnut fudge brownie, double chocolate cake, and birthday cake. Last time I was in the store and looked at them, the math didn’t add up. Also - I always come off as an allulose spokesperson, but I'm pumped that we're seeing it more and more. The brand known for cake mixes and single-serve cakes in cups will be adding new keto-friendly cups in three flavors to store shelves in March for around $2.15 each. Cakes and cookies might be your go-to sweet treat, but they’re loaded with carbs and therefore are usually not allowed on low-carb diets. They come in three delectable flavors including Double Chocolate, Birthday Cake and Walnut Fudge Brownie. :(. CHICAGO, Jan. 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Duncan Hines, a brand of Conagra Brands, Inc. (NYSE: CAG), has unveiled a collection of sweet treats designed specifically for those seeking keto-friendly snacks. Duncan Hines Walnut Fudge Brownie Keto Mug Cake This 2.5oz keto mug cake cup is filled with a delicious and warm keto brownie with walnuts. Are they really keto though? Lazy and delicious. As of right now, there are three flavors of these microwavable dessert cups. It is a sugar, but has nearly no digestible component (1/10th that of regular sugar). What I'm impressed at is the lack of maltodextrin. The keto-friendly cake cups contain just five grams of carbs, eight to 10 grams of good-for-you protein and a whopping 0 grams of added sugar. 1: Birthday Cake: 5g net carbs = 33g total carbs - 5g dietary fiber - 2g sugar alcohol - 21g allulose; Double Chocolate Cake: 5g net carbs = 34g total carbs - 6g dietary fiber - 2g sugar alcohol - 21g allulose; Walnut Brownie: 33g total carbs - 6g dietary fiber - 0g sugar alcohol - 22g allulose2: Google Trends. Beyond the new keto-friendly collection, traditional varieties of Duncan Hines single-serve cake cups are also available in a wide range of indulgent flavors. The best part, though, is you can get munching in virtually no time. Convenient but a waste of money. Conagra Brands, Inc. (NYSE: CAG), headquartered in Chicago, is one of North America's leading branded food companies. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. https://hip2keto.com/product-reviews/duncan-hines-keto-cake You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. Duncan Hines Keto Friendly Cups come in three indulgent flavors: Walnut Fudge Brownie, Birthday Cake and Double Chocolate Cake. I just premixed a few bags of mugvake dry ingredients and add an egg later. She spends most of her time playing with her dog, drafting up short stories and, of course, trying out new recipes. It may seem hard to believe that dessert would even be an option while following keto, but these Duncan Hines keto cake cups are the ultimate game changer. I'm not sure what I'm more offended by, the ingredient label or the price tag. Basically the same or worse than any mug cake recipe on the net. $2.50 $ 2. It officially just got a little easier to follow this lifestyle. You'll have a delicious keto mug cake ready in just minutes. 4.2 out of 5 stars 1,189. But Duncan Hines is changing the way we follow keto. To see the full collection of Duncan Hines cake and brownie mixes, single-serve dessert cups, frostings and more, visit www.duncanhines.com. We may earn commission from the links on this page. mix in heavy cream, vanilla extract, cocoa powder, sugar substitute, baking powder, and salt, thoroughly oil the inside of a standard size mug or glass measuring cup, then pour in batter optional. Keto was all the rage in 2019, and considering it was one of the most Googled questions of last year, I think it's safe to assume the trend will be prominent in 2020 as well.


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