Continue following I-88 and it becomes the I-290/Eisenhower Expressway, which also leads directly downtown. Stated otherwise, are you concerned about the cost of tolls or the logistics of using the toll road without a transponder? When planning your next road trip, whether short distance or long distance, knowing which route to take will make finding your way to that destination not only faster but also more cost efficient. FYI - if you're going to (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Getting driving directions on your iPhone is a breeze. Just open the Maps app, type in the address for where you want to go, and you will quickly get directions to that spot. Enable JavaScript to see Google Maps. From the South: I-55 is the interstate of choice for drivers coming to Chicago from places like Memphis or New Orleans. When you ask Maps for driving directions on iOS, the default setting has the app include toll roads any time they lead to a faster route. Prescott Carlson is a Chicago native who enjoys sharing insider tips about the city. Zoom the map to see the differences in path. It only takes a few steps to convince Maps to do that for you. Time: 29 Minutes Tolls: 0 Distance: 47 miles You can even ask Siri to give you the directions, and the personal assistant will gladly comply. Take Interstate 290 versus Interstate 90 from Woodfield to the Loop, Using Interstate 90: Get online driving directions you can trust from Rand McNally. Cost: Currently $1 (I-Pass) $2 (Cash)  | As of Jan. 1: $1.90 (I-Pass) $3.80 (Cash) Pretty towns and about 3-5 hours drive from Chicago? Once crossing into Indiana , I-80 merges into the I-90/Chicago Skyway, which in turn feeds into the I … Level Contributor . (Travel times based on Google Maps estimates; toll info from the Illinois Tollway.) The bigger concern that you may have with “unmanned toll booths” involves, not booths, but rather the open road road toll plazas on the toll roads themselves (not exit ramps) where you need a transponder. Here's how to get to Chicago by vehicle depending on which direction you're coming from. Cost: None, Almost Every Illinois Region Sees Decrease in Positivity Rates, Hospitalizations Remain High, Chicago Police Officer Found Dead Inside South Side Home, Copyright © 2020 NBCUniversal Media, LLC. COVID-19 testing facilities coming to O’Hare and Midway, Warning: using your own I-PASS/EZPASS with rental cars. Tolls: 0 For terminal maps of Chicago O'Hare airport, please visit our Terminal Maps and Info section » From the West: I-80 is the most direct route coming from the west as well -- it stretches all the way to California. 360 CHICAGO Observation Deck Admission (Hancock Center), COVID-19 Chicago O'Hare Airport requirements, Pre-flight covid test Chicago - quick turnaround, COVID PCR test with results in 3 days for travel-Naperville, "Illinois Tollway to Implement All-Electronic Tolling...'. Once you’ve typed in where you want to go and asked Maps to give you driving directions, click and drag the handle just above the location name. All rights reserved, new $12 billion capital program to repair and rebuild roadways. Google Maps will give you options (if available) without tolls. MapQuest Driving Directions to Chicago, IL. The cheapest toll plazas now will cost I-PASS users 75 cents, up from 40 cents. Hello I would like to know if there is a way to get to the (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? Your Guide to the U.S. Route 12 Road Trip, A Comprehensive Guide To Chicago History Museum, How to Get From San Francisco to New York, How to Travel from Boston to Chicago by Train, Bus, Car, and Plane, How to Get From San Francisco to Lake Tahoe, Portland to Acadia National Park: A Getting There Guide, Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. It's all part of a new $12 billion capital program to repair and rebuild roadways, bridges and interchanges across the 286-mile system during the next 15 years. Using Route 290: Copyright 2020 AppAdvice LLC. I'm not oppose to paying toll, just not paying daily for the transponder. Using Skokie Hwy: Cost: None Well yes, you could drive through the city to I-57. Fastest route (Toll route) is in red color. You’re arriving late and it’s a long drive so take the toll road. 4. This metropolis is built on a grid, making it easy to navigate in and out of the city center as quickly and safely as possible. The new year is bringing a new hike in fares along the Illinois Tollway. A map with the best route and detailed directions will be provided. In the screenshot below you can see how Apple Maps gave us a non-toll route to Chicago but the on-screen warning notes that there is are faster routes that use toll roads and/or highways. Cost: Currently $1.25 (I-Pass) $2.50 (Cash)  | As of Jan. 1: $2.35 (I-Pass) $4.70 (Cash) I-55 can be taken all the way to Chicago, where it ends at Lake Shore Drive in front of Soldier Field. Cost: None, 2. Distance: 50 Miles Avoid Toll Roads in Your Driving Directions When you ask Maps for driving directions on iOS, the default setting has the app include toll roads any time they lead to a faster route.


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