The Council of the EU and the European Council work on a wide range of issues affecting the interests of the EU and its citizens. CALLS ON THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION to step up its work on gender equality and to incorporate a concrete action plan for the implementation of a systematic and visible gender equality perspective into all EU activities and policies, to place gender equality on its agenda and adopt a new high-level Strategy for gender equality in the form of a Communication before the expiry of its Strategic engagement for gender equality 2016-2019. (c)     ensure that equality between women and men is effectively pursued in their national policies and in their National Reform Programmes in the context of the implementation of the Europe 2020 Strategy; 15. 21. ", European Parliament Resolution of 3 February 2016 on the new Strategy for Women's Rights and Gender Equality in Europe post-2015 (2016/2526(RSP)), European Parliament resolution of 09 June 2015 on the EU Strategy for equality between women and men post 2015 (2014/2152(INI)). The Council of the EU is the institution representing the member states' governments. The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) provides that the Union shall aim in all its activities to eliminate inequalities and to promote equality between women and men, and to combat discrimination on various grounds, including sex, when defining and implementing its policies and activities [1] and empowers the Council to take action to combat discrimination on those grounds.[2]. Council Conclusions on Equality between women and men in the field of decision-making (14327/15), Council Conclusions of 11 December 2014 on Gender equality in the EU: the way forward after 2015. The Commission's Strategic engagement should also be closely linked to the Europe 2020 Strategy, and should take into account the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. 9. (b)     ensure the effective implementation of their national gender equality strategies; The press office is the first point of contact for all media requests. The headquarters of the Council of the EU and the European Council are located in Brussels (Belgium). 500+ Words Essay on Gender Equality Essay. [1]        Article 8 and 10 TFEU. Although gender gaps have narrowed in recent decades, inequalities persist and challenges remain in several critical areas. 22. In order to accelerate progress towards equality between women and men and to achieve de facto gender equality, taking into account their national circumstances, to: (a)     work together with the European Commission to promote equality between men and women, in line with the Commission's Strategic engagement for gender equality 2016-2019; 24. (e)     take steps to facilitate the reconciliation of work, family and private life and the equal sharing of care responsibilities, and promote women's full participation in the labour market, including by providing access to affordable, quality childcare in line with the objectives set at the European Council in Barcelona in March 2002; and Please take a few minutes to complete our short survey at the end of your visit. CALLS ON THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION AND THE MEMBER STATES, in accordance with their respective competences, to address the gender equality dimension of migration, asylum, refugee and social and economic integration policies, including by ensuring the full enjoyment of human rights. The Union possesses a significant body of legislation promoting compliance with the principle of equal treatment for men and women in the fields of employment and access to goods and services. Follow the latest developments on policy-making and on legislation under negotiation. Certain cookies are used to obtain aggregated statistics about website visits to help us constantly improve the site and better serve your needs. INVITES THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION to monitor progress in the field of gender equality in its annual reports on "Equality between Women and Men," to adopt those reports in official form, and to use them in the context of the European Semester to enhance gender mainstreaming. Moreover, men remain under-represented in fields such as child and elder care, early education, the health sector and unpaid work. The Commission recently presented its Strategic engagement for gender equality 2016-2019 which sets out five priority areas: increasing female labour-market participation and the equal economic independence of women and men; reducing the gender pay, earnings and pension gaps and thus fighting poverty among women; promoting equality between women and men in decision-making; combating gender-based violence and protecting and supporting victims; and promoting gender equality and women's rights across the world. gender equality essay conclusion paragraph In this sociality, the lack of gender equality in the two different genders has distinguished. 11. For full gender equality in India, both men and women must work together and bring positive changes in … 31. Also known informally as the EU Council, it is where national ministers from each EU country meet to adopt laws and coordinate policies. 6. The Council of the EU meets in different configurations depending on the topic discussed. Equality between men and women is enshrined in Article 23 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. 25. Gender Equality Index: 8. 26. According to the Commission's 2014 Report on equality between women and men, at the present rate of change, it would take another 70 years to achieve gender equality. STRESSES that equal rights, opportunities and access to resources, and the equal sharing of care and family responsibilities by men and women, all help to support the multiple roles of women and men and are critical to their well-being and that of their families. [2]        Article 19 TFEU. Council and European Council documents are made available through the public register, in accordance with EU rules on transparency. However, it is a general observation that there exists lots of discrimination between humans. Other cookies are used to boost performance and guarantee security of the website. CALLS ON THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION AND THE MEMBER STATES to reinforce and continue to support the action of national institutional mechanisms for the advancement of women and gender equality, including equality bodies, which are crucial for the advancement of de jure and de facto gender equality, as well as that of the European Network of Equality Bodies (Equinet). 4. Your feedback is really important to us to help us improve your experience in the future. [3]        Articles 2 and 3(3) TEU and Article 8 TFEU Since 1999, the Council has adopted Conclusions with sets of quantitative and qualitative indicators on the critical areas of concern. We´d love to know what you think about our website. This universal agenda provides new obligations and opportunities to fully mainstream the gender dimension into all relevant EU and national strategies, policies and funding programmes and to systematically promote and implement gender impact assessments and gender budgeting, and to monitor and evaluate policies, including by collecting sound and comparable data disaggregated by sex and age, using available data wherever possible, with a view to achieving gender equality, not only in the context of external action, but also within the Union.


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