Happily married to Jacob. Be sure to have cash as they do not accept credit cards! In Amsterdam, there are plenty of places offering freshly made food at reasonable prices. There’s now a second location. The restaurant imports ingredients from Italy every week, including the southern Italian favourite, genuine buffalo mozzarella. Bazar Amsterdam is a beautiful Mediterranean restaurant with a huge menu in a former synagogue. Best hotels in the Hague: Your guide to the best areas to stay in the Hague written by a Hague resident, New York in Miniature: Why you must see the Panorama of New York City, Your Osaka Travel Guide: Two Days in Osaka Japan, The Insider's Guide to the US Open by a fan attending for 30+ years, « An expat guide to living in the Hague, the Netherlands, including the cost of living in the Hague, Where to eat in the Hague by a local: Affordable restaurants in Den Haag ». They’ll give you whatever is on tap and only typically ask for the size of the glass. Need I say more? It is the first slave-free chocolate in the world and their milk caramel-sea salt bar is to die for. 01 of 04 Accepts Credit Cards​. What could be more American? Close to the 9 Streets. After wandering around the lovely canals or waiting in line for hours at the Anne Frank House, be sure to consider eating a tasty meal in the Jordaan. There’s a friendly bar cat who likes to rub against customers when he’s not sleeping near the bar. Really helps . La Perla’s pizzas are cooked in their huge, wood-filled brick oven, and prices start at under nine euros. Order a "Maoz Meal," which comes with a drink and fries for added value. This charming little cafe serves Surinamese food. great tips and pics! I recently visited Simz Exotic Foods in the Jordaan. The best part: A bagel with a heaping portion of hummus is less than 5 euros. I discovered it on my first trip to Amsterdam and numerous friends/strangers have confirmed my suspicions that this take-out eatery is the real deal. Pittig is the word for spicy and don’t ask for it if you don’t mean it! This Dutch bagel chain all over the Netherlands is an affordable spot for lunch. We are coming back to Amsterdam, and The Hague next June, can’t wait to try more of your recommendations! Prinsengracht is the most well-known canal, however there are smaller canals perfect for sitting by with cheap food in Amsterdam! Filling up on good, affordable food without resorting to burgers from Amsterdam’s ubiquitous FEBO windows – as satisfying as their offerings are – isn’t difficult. I love that you can select what you want! If you don’t hear Dutch spoken where you’re eating, it’s not a good sign. […], […] bookshop around the corner from one of the most famous hofjes in Amsterdam and the best cookies in Amsterdam has a fantastic book selection with some used books upstairs. What could be more Dutch? Simple, delicious, and a quick walk from the bustling Albert Cuypmarkt. It’s possible to stay on a budget while eating in Amsterdam, so keep reading for the best cheap eats in Amsterdam. American expat and cat lover from New York City who lived in Amsterdam…. Try the quiche and salad meal for a delicious value. The main branch is in East and be sure to make a reservation. Glad you included the Indonesian influence which is also delicious. You are so right, salted caramel is the best. Just kidding, apple pie with this type of topping is VERY dutch and so good. It’s usually between 1.50 to 2 euros for a small bar. Simz has a fantastic lunch special where you can get a delicious vegetarian-friendly tempeh sandwich for around three euros. Yes, I know it and mentioned it in my previous neighborhood guide. Even if you stop in for just a coffee and a piece of sinful sticky toffee cake, you may end up opting for a bigger meal once you see the plates. This is one of my favorite spots for a post-beer dinner. Very adaptable to dietary needs and typically a vegetarian option. (Credit cards are not accepted.). If you're a female travel or lifestyle blogger, join my Facebook group for bloggers! Karen. , My kinda post, love local food and that’s affordable. I just got back from Amsterdam and didn’t get any of this I must go back now ❤️. Note: We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. In addition to having awesome graffiti, a cool vibe, it has a non-profit kitchen called de peper on Fridays & Saturdays by volunteers where you can get a soup and a delicious vegan meal for 6 euros (cash only). ​ A handful of organizations have tried to keep these former squats as the former public spaces they were prior to the law change. What a fantastic round up of budget eats throughout Amsterdam – great suggestions. It’s a non-profit restaurant that strives to prevent food waste by using the leftovers from Albert Heijn. Thank you so much, will definitely be using this in the future! It’s so great to see a guide on where to find cheap and yummy eats in a big city, so useful to have for someone that’s travelling on a small budget! As a resident of 2+ years of Amsterdam, I wrote this guide to where to eat in Amsterdam on a budget for anyone looking for cheap restaurants in Amsterdam who want to also eat at non-chains that provide some healthy options! Together with a mint tea, you’ll satisfy your sweet tooth for about six euros with a fantastic view of the Jordaan. I’m obsessed with Eethuis Pondok Indah. Planning a trip to Europe? And if you're a burger-loving Amsterdam visitor, you should stop by and see what all the buzz is about! Great list. It was great. The final cheap eats in Amsterdam is a relative newcomer… 8. I have a minor addiction to their homemade chocolate bars. Although Suriname is located in South America, the mix of cultures has resulted in unique flavors that combine Indonesian, Indian, and African inspired flavors. After wandering around the lovely canals or waiting in line for hours at the Anne Frank House, be sure to consider eating a tasty meal in the Jordaan. The obsession of many Dutchies. The namesake sandwich at this tiny corner shop features grilled-to-order lamb meatballs on fresh Turkish-style bread and is known around Amsterdam as the cure for a rough night out. Click for the best cheap eats in Amsterdam, all under ten euros. The best places to eat cheaply in Amsterdam, including well-priced cafés, restaurants and takeaways, and cheap fast food restaurants. If you want the cheapest beer, just ask for a beer. I’ve been to Amsterdam twice before for short weekends and both have included pretty unhealthy foods! Their lunch specials are reasonable.


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