You're right. Nikon facing serious crisis in chipmaking – as well as camera business, Pro camcorder ergonomics are overdue a big change. Wide angle, normal and telephoto are the terms to use. In this mode, the Viltrox squeezes the image into the middle of the sensor. Perhaps Canon is not able to deliver the technology because of the lack of power of its DIGIC processor? There’s something going on in the blacks by the way, with custom Picture Profiles. It doesn’t make the M50 suddenly look like a high-end video camera. Fast. To work around these issues and increase the M50's dynamic range and flexibility I created a flat picture style for the M50. Although c-mount lenses also adapt to most Micro Four Thirds cameras with their superior video specs and features, here is the first time we get 4K with these lenses AND Canon’s colour science, on a small affordable compact body. I’d suggest a good tripod but warp stabiliser works well in post if you have a steady hand and don’t go beyond 55mm equiv. In fact in 4K  the camera uses a dated contract detect based AF system. Aside from the unique artistic qualities of the combination of Canon colour / sensor and Super 16mm lenses, this camera won’t push any boundaries in terms of specs. The 4K image now looks normal — almost exactly the same as 1080! An f/2.8 lens would function as f/2. This means if you click on a link and purchase an item, I will receive a small affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. At least Sony corrected this bad trend on the new A9 and A7 cameras. With these things combined, in my opinion, this makes 4k in this camera virtually unusable. If you have a lightweight, wide-angle EF lens that supports auto-focus, then yes it’s doable. Luckily ultra-wides for APS-C sensors are a lot cheaper than their full-frame counterparts. Menu > Camera > 5 > IS settings > Digital IS > disable. Indeed, what makes the M50 appealing to me is the happy accident of what crop factor you get when you cut an 8 megapixel window out of a 24 megapixel sensor. As we know, Canon do colour science *right*. I wouldn't use or buy this camera, since it's 2015 tech at best at 2020 pricing. of 35 mm film (43.27 mm) with the diagonal of the sensor. Also, don’t expect an EF full-frame lens to look dramatically better than an EF-M crop-sensor lens. To enable focus peaking, go to: Menu > Camera > 5 > MF peaking settings > on. By modern standards this camera has a slow sensor which cannot read the full resolution in video mode, hence the cropped 3840 x 2160 from a 6000×4000 sensor. The image below demonstrates this with a demagnified 4K image on the sensor, followed by the final, cropped image. I am not much of a fan of the native EOS M lens range, the only lens I own is the 22mm F2 pancake. So, although the focal length remains the same, its characteristics change according to which size sensor it is being used on. But this adapter actually does much more than that. The fact of the crop factor doesn't make it fake. It's been 10 years. Funny, since I've owned 1", m4/3, APS-C, and FF. The zooms mostly do, and primes wider than 25mm. In this article, which is part four of my M50 video guide, I’m going to explain the limitations of 4K and show you how to work around those limitations to create higher resolution video. Their colour science can’t be duplicated in post otherwise you’d see D750 images that don’t feature orange-yellow leather people. Your argument is right but be honnest, over 100 Nikon/Sony shooters spending their time trolling every Canon article, maybe 1 is in your legit case... Yup, I was hopeful that Canon's new generation of sensors would bring something to the table that I could use my (growing) collection of EF lenses on natively. The independent voice on cameras for filmmakers and photographers, by Andrew Reid. I do recommend getting that EF adapter. The M50 will run out of power after only 235 pictures. Does the Viltrox make 4K better for shooting manual focus b-roll or general-purpose video? As good as it may sound to remove the crop, and increase the effective maximum aperture of a lens, is the resulting image noticeably better than 1080? Sergio Tello Next time I'll just copy/paste the content from the canon brochure and press kit. Additionally, remember that 4K has twice the resolution of 1080, so when editing in post you can punch-in and crop 4K video even more on a 1080 HD timeline. This image includes two videos shot in 1080 and 4K using a Sigma 16mm EF-M lens. Their color science can be duplicated in post. The M50 has Canon’s full suite of Picture Profile capabilities and EOS Utility compatibility, so it loads EOSHD C-LOG via USB and lots of other very filmic profiles which is a bit like having LUTs in-camera.


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