Interaction Design. I’ve just looked at this preliminarily, but it looks like a great resource. Create a presentation, document and a graphic, as needed. UX Strategy Blueprint Challenges Aspirations Focus Areas Guiding Principles Measurements Activities What problems are you trying to solve? He talks about how strategy ultimately is a story told to others about how challenges can be overcome. As Oliver Reichenstein states in his essay “Web Design Is 95% Typography” which we also can treat as content as well. Let me know if you have any questions. How do we consistently create UX strategy? It cascades from the top down. Still, try to avoid direct repetition in wording. This means fewer misunderstandings, and less rework and resource wastage during the design process. The UX Strategy Blueprint is … Understanding UX Design With the 5 W’s If you’ve been following our blog like a hound, then you knew an in-depth analysis of UX design was bound to happen. UX Strategy Blueprint (with input fields). The elements in the UX Strategy Blueprint are based on existing research in the field of strategy. If they don’t, they can point you to the people who do. UX Strategy Blueprint | UX Strategy & Product Psychology, Strategy Blueprint | Experiencing Information, Behind the Scenes of a Data-Driven Website Redesign  | Optimizely Blog, UX Design Engineering – UX Strategy Part 3 – Rachelle Ryan,, https experiencinginformation com 2014 08 12 ux strategy… | Currently Investigating, This UX Strategy Guide helps designers make better decisions - UX Hacker, UX/UI Case Study: Lighthouse — learn positive thinking with a mobile app - Hello.Design, Your In-house Design Team Doesn’t Need a Brief – acraigwilliams. Reiterate. The intersection of these two frameworks yields six common facets. He authored Designing Web Navigation in 2007 and recently published his second book with O’Reilly, Mapping Experiences. Share the strategy as often as possible. Join us December 7-11 for our Game-Changing Experience Visions intensive. It’s an interlocking set of choices that aligns activity and shows causality: if we do this, then we expect to see that. Of course strategy can address new opportunities. Using this schema allows you to not only articulate a UX strategy consistently, but also map it back to superordinate strategies. I think it might be useful to group challenges (where possible) and then draw a “dotted line” to the Aspiration that solves it. We will never sell your email address. Data – both quantitative and qualitative – informs decision-making for design direction. Yes, a notepad, because the second you go digital, everyone’s a critic. I fully expect others to change and modify things for their actual situations. There are a few places you can go to gain … USE CASES—Indicate the key scenarios of use at a high level. You can use it freely otherwise. Strategy is about uncovering the key challenges in a situation and devising a way of coordinating effort to overcome them for a desired outcome. Strategy is an interlocking set of choices you make to overcome adversity and reach a desired position. Thanks, Ernest. I work for the IDM ( and all our online courses sit behind a password protected log in. First, it borrows from Henry Mintzberg’s five Ps of strategy from his landmark book Strategy Safari. Talk to us. Is there a way to edit the headlines and subheads on the Blueprint pdf? Hi – would just like to say thanks for this, it looks like a very useful tool. Others consider strategy to be in-depth investigation, such as market research or competitor comparisons. Before you can plan a UX strategy, you really need to know what it … So, with these numbers, we can figure out how important content strategy is in crafting user experience (UX) overall. In fact, I would like to reference it on one of our courses. These are combined with Roger Martin and A.G. Lafley’s five questions of strategy in their recent book Playing To Win. The UX Strategy Blueprint helps you see all the moving parts in a single overview. These are combined with Roger Martin and A.G. Lafley’s five questions of strategy in their recent book Playing To Win.


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