Once your image/video is done loading you can download it. Don’t hesitate to Online Chat with us – we’re more than happy to help! Try our DEMO and if you like it, download our pre-configured customizable template to create your own promotion. Advent calendars are a wonderful way to build the eagerness and excitement, which is why we've rounded up the best homemade examples to help you and yours countdown to the 25th. You can make your own alright by buying plastic or glass baubles from Michaels’ or your local craft store. I like to call this one the Sam Smith (read the first letter of the drams) Now go! You could even combine these options. Of course, you’re not restricted to just one spirit type when you build your own calendar. In the following example, you can see how organizing brands display the prizes involved in each giveaway. First of all, you need to create the calendar: the microsite with 24 “windows” to your promotions. Announce the prizes available… but don’t tell people which day each prize will be awarded! They say that hunger is the best sauce, but is it worth it? And if you want to get really, really crazy (and you are particularly handy with a hammer and nails), consider making a reusable wooden one and incorporating a whiskey barrel head. As you might have already seen in the Advent Calendar DEMO, users only register once, and then they access the promotion on a daily basis to try their luck each day of the Advent. Here’s how to do it without breaking the bank: This advent calendar is available on Etsy from Cisforcardboard. Are you interested in launching a branded Advent Calendar? Once you've published, you'll have your own personal advent calendar to re-edit daily and reveal the surprises underneath. You can reward participants with your bestselling products, discount codes, Instant Win prizes, or you can even run a final giveaway for all participants that registered over the 24 days of your Advent Calendar 2020. Seriously. The 2020 Advent Calendar is a shareable microsite with multiple promotions displayed on the same website. Take a look at the main characteristics of an online Advent Calendar and discover how it can help you achieve your marketing objectives. Create your own Sherried Whisky Advent Calendar, Choose 1 of each of the most expensive drams to create the Loadsamoney Special, Celebrate Cachaçadvent with 24 drams of Brazil’s most popular spirit, I like to call this one the Sam Smith (read the first letter of the drams). Indulge early and often by constructing a Whiskey Advent Calendar and split up that whiskey for a December-long romance with your new favorite bottle. You could describe the prize at the beginning of each promotion. Here, step-by-step instructions for creating an awesome whiskey advent calendar. Don’t just look at your local liquor or package store; try online as well. Just like the example in the previous step, they announced every prize in advance. Or maybe you still have some questions? You can now launch online Advent Calendars and engage your audience daily, inviting them to your digital Christmas countdown. You can do this by making waffle-style slats in additional pieces of cardboard. It’s a great option for anyone looking to expose their audience to the corporate image long-term. A whiskey Advent calendar is one of the best gifts you can give someone leading up to the holidays, but at over $150 a pop, it’s probably over your Secret Santa limit. To make the advent calendar, click “Make It” to edit the template. There’s more than one way to create an Advent Calendar. If you fancy finding out a bit more, then read on, future Advent Calendar architect! Advent calendars work especially well on Instagram Stories since each Story lasts for exactly 24 hours. When would you go for this option? Embed the text directly into the MP4 before uploading it to IG. With over £250,000-worth of goodies to give away, New Arrival of the Week: Springbank 17 YO Madeira, Exclusive Telegraph Whisky Experience Offer for Master of Malt Blog Readers, Plans For A Brand New Gin Distillery in Kyoto Unveiled. You can make your own alright by buying plastic or glass baubles from Michaels’ or your local craft store. The little wooden houses are surprisingly easy to make and they're the perfect thing to line the mantle with. Pick 24 tasty libations and TA-DA! Master of Malt supports responsible drinking - Sip, don't Gulp. 24 days for an Advent Calendar, 12 days of Christmas. The thrill of opening a new door each day, to see the tiny picture, toy or chocolate hidden inside? However, before he had a chance to build them he passed away. For a brand, creator, coach, or small business owner, a custom digital advent calendar can be a great way to engage your audience and drum up customer interest around the holidays. For each of the 24 days, you can add a photo and a number that represents that day. You can use your computer, Chromebook, phone, or tablet to create your Advent calendar. Find out how to organize an Advent Calendar and retain your customers with daily giveaways, discounts and big raffles! Do you remember Advent Calendars from your childhood? Follow the steps from Tell Love and Party to make your own. Companies also put out Advent calendars that contain a product as a present for each day including food, toys, body products, and even alcohol. The Easypromos Multi-Stage application allows you to create one single promotion with 24 participation stages, where a new stage is activated each day of the Advent. It’s a great way to obtain contact details of the participants genuinely interested in the specific products. That means that your Advent Calendar will look great on computers, tablets, and any mobile device. All rights reserved. Advent calendars are meant to get you and your followers into the holiday spirit! That’s great news since most social media users use mobile devices to visit their favorite networks. This all started from my first whisky advent calendar from Master of Malt in 2014, a dram each day in the countdown to Christmas, had to be in the evening of course. You can change the background color by clicking “Background” from the bottom menu. Now go! At Advent Calendar Online we provide you with the tools to build your own online advent calendar. I recently saw a whiskey advent calendar that was made of Christmas tree ornaments. Awesome! You could even combine these options. So go ahead and build excitement by reminding your followers of the prizes on offer. Churches may also make a Christian advent calendar to celebrate the holiday with their congregation, but there are also other less traditional uses for an advent calendar. For each one of the 24 days leading up to Christmas, post the new version of the advent calendar on your Story. Try the DEMO to also see different ways to open the promotion windows or doors (without animation, with zoom or with an animation of the door being opened). Contact us today and get started on your 2020 calendar. You can also choose what type of windows you want to have. For each day, delete the corresponding wrapped gift and replace the placeholder below with your own content. Dad and I went through a few ideas on how to construct them. This brand decided to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas, instead of a full-length Advent Calendar. Take a look at the branded Advent Calendar launched by Bezoya, a Spanish bottled water brand. This is going to inform the rest of your project. Every day, you can reveal a new piece of media specific to your community, audience, or friends. Here’s an example of how the calendar will change to fit a mobile phone screen: Embed your Advent Calendar on your website or blog and convert your visitors into leads! This type of campaign is ideal for boosting brand awareness and capturing new leads over Christmas. A spotlight on Mexico’s first whisky distillery, #WhiskySanta is back! Grow your mailing list, increase social media engagement and drive traffic to your website over the Christmas period. Have a look at our personalized Advent Calendar DEMO to see how it would look on your page: Kids love Advent Calendars because of the tiny gifts hidden behind each door! Or, if you want to be lazy, just hot glue some ribbons around your little airplane bottles and put a festive number around each one to denote when it should be consumed. Every day you can reveal a new square and post the same graphic on social media, or you can fill in all the squares ahead of time, hide them, and share it with your clients. So… in what is pretty much a tradition now, Master of Malt / Drinks by the Dram has once again got lots of lovely boozy advent calendars for your Christmassy enjoyment, 24 x 3cl drams for your daily Advent entertainment. It is absolutely up to you to decide what prizes you wish to give away. Share your Advent calendar on social media with your friends and family, customers, or fanbase.


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