For instance, it has an in-built sound card where you can store intro music, sound effects, etc. It comes into play when you have a remote co-host who is connected via Skype. Please refresh the page and try again. Große Auswahl an Mischpult, wenn Sie gesprochenes Audio und Instrumente aufnehmen wollen. Do you want to carve your niche as a solo podcaster? This device has a ready Fx effects engine with 16 effects including delays, choruses and reverbs. Das ist eine tolle Option, sieh dir das an! 3. In fact, this unit has 4-channels, built-in USB input/output ports, and noise-reducing preamps for great sound quality. Dies schränkt auch Ihre Upgrade-Optionen stark ein, wenn Sie diesen Mixer weiterhin nutzen wollen. An audio mixer can take your podcast to greater heights. It also has 4 bus out, along with 10 mic pre-amps and a 7-band graphic equalizer. Der Yamaha AG03 und der Yamaha AG06 sind die besten Mixer für Solo- und 2-Personen-Podcasting, Spiele und Livestreaming. It has a flexible LOOPBACK feature that is perfect for webcasting or live recording. Sie haben auch eingebaute Soundeffekte, die Ihnen viele Möglichkeiten der Live-Mischung bieten. Schließen Sie sich Millionen von Lesern an - geben Sie Ihre E-Mail hier ein: MeldenSie sich hier für die Warteliste der Iris-Fernaufnahmeplattform an! Vice President of Broadcast Operations, Ryan Treasure recommends the Zoom LiveTalk L-8 for those who are tech and audio professionals. By blending together an eight channel analog mixer and high-quality audio interface, the Presonus StudioLive AR8c might be just the ticket. We’ve put together a list of the best mixers ranging from budget to professional level mixers. Ansonsten enthalten diese hochwertige Vorverstärker und sind eine ausgezeichnete Wahl für einen USB-Mixer. PreSonus StudioLive AR8. The number of podcasts and radio shows have increased exponentially in the past few years and this year alone and the need for mixers has gone up. Es hat auch einen 100Hz-Tiefpassfilter mit Drucktaste. The reputed Soundcraft Ghost mic preamps ensure that the audio quality remains top-notch. Its small size, combined with the wide array of features, makes it ideal for a beginner’s podcast starter kit. It would have been great to see a Bluetooth connection added for recording phone interviews and the like but otherwise this is a solid little mixer that will sharpen your podcasting chops nicely. Komprimierung und EQ ist eine einzige Taste und auf eine Standard-Spracheinstellung voreingestellt, obwohl Sie diese Einstellungen auf dem Computer ändern können. It does have fewer features than the Yamaha, but it is cheaper in price. Yamaha AG03 & Yamaha AG06. All of the mixers listed above are great options for remote recording and every experience level and budget. In any project, No matter at which scale you are conducting an interview, it is certainly not an easy job. Apart from the standard 3-band EQ, this podcast mixer gives you additional flexibility with its 9-band equalizer. It shouldn’t matter, but it does. It has an iPad connectivity through the Apple iPad camera connection kit. The product has 4 studio-grade compressors that have a single knob functionality and control LED for professional instrumental sound. If you have a remotely-located host who communicates via Skype, you can even connect one of the input channels to your computer. This, in turn, lets you individually control the gain, pitch, reverb, etc. You may even feel the need to connect a Skype input for a remote co-host. In fact, many beginners and novices use this unit to get into podcasting. The resources and effort required to stage a podcast are far much lesser as compared to other kinds of content such as videos since the only items you need are a good microphone, a nice recorder and the right software to start your podcasting. Behringer 802 mixer comes with a post-fader FX that sends per channel for the external FX devices. So this is the end of the article hope you will find this helpful in the time of your need thanks for reading it.


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