Peter Burling awarded Magnus Olsson Prize 2020. With the rudder connected to a full-length skeg, this boat has a deep fin. These budget cruisers are a well-fed thread of myth. She is a reassuringly sure-footed, easily handled, very well built yacht that for all those reasons has stood the test of time. 16.8 YEARS BUILT 1966-1986 PRICE $29,000-$49,000 Sabre 28 Brewer Yacht Sales. The boat has... X-Yachts X4. While only 255 HR 42 boats were produced during their manufacturing period between 1980 and 1991, they are still one of the best bluewater sailboats. The boat has earned its place among the four best blue water sailboats for being the most economical under 50 feet sailboat. And to that effect, you might want to arm yourself with the Mantus Anchor Galvanized (Available on Amazon).

Overly emphasized safety measures led Baba 30 to have a small cockpit area of around 5 feet. The Discovery 55 has practical ideas and nifty details aplenty. Without any liners inside the hull, it is bonded by all wood to provide access to every part of the cruise. Pretty, traditional lines and layout below.

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Com-Pac yachts from Florida offers the very capable Com-Pac 27 that is a truly proper little yacht with ocean sailing capabilities.

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When the company decided to split off the C&C brand, they renamed and re-engineered the two designs to meet traditional Tartan style and construction. The Hallberg-Rassy 48 was launched nearly a decade ago, but the Mk II from 2014 is our pick, updated with a more modern profile, larger windows and hull portlights that flood the saloon and aft cabin with light. JEANNEAU Jeanneau—a part of the Beneteau Group—is now one of the largest sailboat builders delivering boats in North America and giving their sister company, Beneteau, a run for the money. What makes a small bluewater sailboat. Smaller weekending boats and daysailers are more common in their range.

She returned to her home port in New York City to a hero’s welcome and her book, Maiden Voyage, remains a best seller 30 years later.

The sailboat is designed specifically for fulfilling the needs of coastal and social cruising. It can give you problems when you’re trying to dock in crosswinds, which is tough enough as is. The Hanse 315 is a perfect little cruiser that is fast, easy to sail, roomy and affordable. The opening transom of Bavaria is electrically operated with a manual override option for safety reasons. Designed by Ron Holland, it hit a sweet spot in size that appealed to couples and families with world girdling plans. There is a lot to be said for the comfort and speed of larger cruising boats. Learning as she went, Tanya spent two years cruising around the world in the classic tradewind route via Panama and Suez. For entry level cruising or for those who just like and want a modest size cruiser, these designs will get you on the water and really cruising at an entry level price. The perfect boat: what makes an ideal offshore cruising yacht? For this purpose, they have kept the mechanical installations above criticism using traditional bow thruster and generator. The stern has a pop-up gallery along with a sink and a platform to clean the fishes. A Lagoon is going to be quite wrong in Jan Mayen or the Beagle Channel…. But, the designs have also proven popular in the Chesapeake Bay, Southern New England and the Great Lakes.

The “W32”, as they are often referred to, was very heavily built and has taken many people on trouble-free voyages and several circumnavigations.

Today’s pocket cruisers make the best use of fiberglass technology and offer much beamier and voluminous hull shapes with longer and thus faster waterlines. Their 33-foot cruiser, designed by Farr, is a huge 33 footer with a lot of interior volume, a large cockpit and wide open side decks. Designed by Bob Johnson, it is not offered as a new build anymore. And, most noticeable, the solid doghouse in which the helmsman sits in perfect shelter at the wheel. Built in various configurations with either a deep keel, shoal draught keel or centreboard with twin rudders, owners could trade off better performance against easy access to shallower coves and anchorages. At 58ft 8in, the Oyster 575 fitted perfectly into this growing market when launched in 2010. First launched in 2000, the Discovery 55 has stood the test of time. Required fields are marked *. This design also has a host of practical features for long-distance cruising, such as high guardrails, dedicated liferaft stowage, a vast lazarette for swallowing sails, tender, fenders etc, and a penthouse engine room. :( Click the X in the upper right corner to make this go away. The massive rudder with long keels provides the sailor the grip similar to a freight train on track.

Island Packet builds distinctive, full-keel boats that have almost a cult following. Seaward Yachts are also built in Florida and are part of the Island Packet company with was recently bought by Darrell and Leslie Allen. Some companies will even offer in-mast furling on their smaller boats, and that simplifies sailing even more. Its unique points lie underwater in the guise of a full skeg-hung rudder and so-called ‘Zero Keel’, an encapsulated long keel with lead ballast. I have researched this topic on…, Before the sea trials began, I would have put money on a Hallberg-Rassy or the Wauquiez winning an award. Bavaria builds a lot of value for the dollar into their boats. Approximately 830 were built, about half of them in kit form. This increases your safety and gives you a more enjoyable ride. Enjoying the serenity of the ocean with the 4-Person Inflatable Boat(Available on Amazon) or a typical  typical sailboat can be adventurous and a lifetime experience. And, the deck itself has several protections in place. A very pleasant, well-considered yacht, she is impressively built and finished with a warm and comfortable interior. The sailboat offers a complete lifestyle in a non-traditional way.

Many were fitted with in-mast furling, which clearly curtails that performance, but even without, this boat is set up for a small crew. Choosing a boat for offshore cruising is not a decision to be taken lightly.

The 42 came with a 45 lb CQR anchor, standard for the time of construction. More versatile than radical, she could be used for sailing across the Atlantic in comfort and raced with equal enjoyment at Antigua Sailing Week.

Go. The deep-bodied hull, also by Rob Humphreys, is known for its easy motion at sea. It may not be as comfortable as other sailing boats, but provides enough headspace of 6 feet 4 inches and storage area more than other conventional under 50 blue water sailboats. Cruising Compass Advertising Sales: This question generates even more debate among sailors than questions about what’s the coolest yacht, or the best for racing. Plus, because the deigns are quite light, you end of reefing early and often, which takes the sweat out of managing your pocket cruiser when the breeze picks up. If you’ve spent time on a sailboat, you know that they are a lot of work, and a lot of joy. Inside, you will also find some very comfortable amenities to keep you entertained throughout the entire journey. Very solidly built and with a lot of traditional touches, the 27 would make a safe and comfortable entry level cruiser for a young family or a fine last boat for a couple who are aging out of big boat sailing. In this little cutter, they made epic voyage after epic voyage as they sailed eastabout around the world via Panama and Suez Canals. The new Privilege 510 that will replace this launches in February 2020. The Hylas 54 has many desirable traits. Beneteau’s sister company Jeanneau builds two designs in this category–the 33i and the 349–that are big little boats. A modern classic if ever there was one. The early fiberglass pocket cruisers were often designs based on hull shapes that had evolved from the days of wood construction so they had long overhangs, attached rudders and narrow beams.

Garmin Marine Stuff up to 20% Off, Vesper Launches Cortex AIS Multitasking Capability. We provided you a brief review of four best blue water sailboats under 50 feet to help you decide the right one. WEBB CHILES In this article, we provide you a brief review of four Best Bluewater sailboats under 50 feet that will fit your needs and provide a comfortable cruising experience.


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