But I loved it, anyway. I love this affordable price, with high quality classic scent. I suppose that 2008 Paco Rabanne 1 Million is the best selling fragrance family in the past 10 years. If you’re like me and have no regard for moderation when you apply, this top is the part that can get just a little hard to stomach before it’s through. The anise brings back scent memories for me from when I was a child playing in the grass in the valleys of Oregon. Almost nostalgic. BROS DISTILLED ELIXIR… There is juniper deep down, but only smell it when it gets hot, and sandalwood is quite noticeable in this especially in cool or cold weather. The most noticeable opening to dry-down changes in this fragrance is, the opening favors the citrus notes which create a fantastic projection for themselves and the spicy notes; the opening also favors the anise and caraway, carried by the initial citrus projection; as the fragrance dries down, the citrus notes will recede, the green/vetiver, woody/oakmoss and leather notes will develop and intensify, the leather, vetiver, oakmoss, and spicy notes will continue together into the dry-down. Was: Previous Price $66.00. If you’re a man who wants one fragrance, make it this one. My mom bought me a sample pack of various colognes when I was in grade 6; one of them was Azzaro and it instantly was my favourite. Still, I would wear this anytime over lots of scents that I have tested in last two month period. There's not much else to say about this masterpiece. This is my first Azzaro purchase and I'm excited to see what the rest of the Azzaro line has to offer. I have been on the fence about this one for so long. Pleasant, but not worthy of a FB purchase. You could tastefully rock this scent then...you still can! It is probably the one scent that if I had to have just one - this would be it. They've done a good job on their reformulations. 3.94 Online right now: 2331, Fragrantica in your language: Masculine, arrogant (in a good way), confident and so seductive. A few years ago i didn't like that kind of scent. Azzaro pour Homme was my father's signature fragrance. Tuscany gets saved for better occasions, and my Ralph Lauren Safari is vintage so I just never use it except for maybe my birthday or a holiday or other special event. Nearly identical to Aramis Tuscany and YSL Rive Gauche, due to the clove / anise notes. Tried on today to write review and now rethinking the giving away part. The drydown is very good, it has a soapy animalic quality that I find addictive and pleasant however the problem is the first 30 - 45 minutes it's very challenging and for me is not very wearable, I think people who compare it with paco rabanne pour homme which is my favourite should point out that paco although it has a similar vintage vibe is a lot more wearable and easy from the start. Top notes are Anise, Lavender, Lemon, Caraway, Basil, Bergamot, Clary Sage and iris; middle notes are Vetiver, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Cedar, Juniper Berries and Cardamom; base notes are Oakmoss, Leather, Amber, Musk and Tonka Bean. Definitely a masculine scent, though too weak to be worth applying. One of the best fragrance for real men! Arguably the best mass market quality fougere, in existense.It has a very manly-gentleman vibe to it. I love it, it has something masculine, sensual and clean after shower or shave feel effect. As I passed her she turned and said, "Dam, now thats what A man should smell like!" Help, The 5 digit cant be rastreated ? If somebody will confirm that it smells nice on me then I will buy a bottle of this when I come across a good deal. The middle notes are fresh, clean and always interesting. The dry down is nice enough, but to me not as satisfying as the opening. I believe this will always be in my rotation. Azzaro Pour Homme is still a great classic fragrance even in 2018. Don't be fooled by the price. then it becomes more a separated note transition as the perfume develops, muskyness in the end, but sometimes the end smells ambery, or sandalwoody. It was last marketed by Clarins. I defer to more experienced noses, but if you have not experimented with this method, I think it's worth your time (give it a week...) I for one find Azzaro Pour Homme(along with Guerlain Vetiver, Terre d'Hermes, and for that matter anything with ISO-E Super) to be one of the fragrances that most quickly induces noseblindness from overspraying, so factor this in when testing. The top notes are a blast of spices and woods, very crisp and earthy. I am yet to test the current formulation. I think it's timeless in a way, which differs Azzaro PH from other classic men's frags like Aramis, Paco Rabanne, Kouros etc. This is a review for the first/vintage formulation, which may have degraded somewhat. This scent reminds me of my grandfather. Perfection! Beauty Almanac |. When I visit Wolf Trap outdoor amphitheater in the summer to see The Gypsy Kings, all the Latin men are wearing this, and it's wonderful! Classic scent for a very sophisticated gentleman. I purchased a botlle few weeks ago but unfortunatelly either my sense of smell has evolved over the years or was the reformulation, either way I don't think I can pull this one anymore. Only recently noticed that they shared the same creator. In my book, this meritly belongs in a select group of absolute timeless scents. I love it and especially at the top, but all the way through. It is still mystery do I like/love it or is it just okay, definately not bad. Longevity/projection is very good to excellent. The anise, caraway, and basil are the spicy accord, intense, and prominent; both the anise and caraway are more noticeable than the basil. It has a lot of quality ingredients found only in vintage 1970s 1980s men's cologne. Very common oldschool barbershop cologne. I was around when this stuff came out back when barber shops smelled of Pinaud talc and Vitalis hair tonic. Last smelled this 2 years ago & I still faintly recall the powdery-leather vibe it had. It is a gorgeous scent that reminds me of my youth. Now I still can't accept the fact that he passed away eleven months ago. There's a warmth about it- an approachability that draws one in. There is something in the notes a few moments after that I didn't notice when I first tried it or I would have been hesitant to let this gem get away. I would use maybe three squirts..one to the chest and one to each wrist and call it good. 3,959 votes. The dry down is great. $12.90. However, when I smell this, it really feels like it's been watered down in its current form. picked up 100ml for $20 and totally satisfied. It was only when reading the 'Pour Monsieur' blog that I realised that my taste in scents coincided with the author, whose declared favourite is Azzaro, so I bought on his recommendation. Top notes … Eski bir koku olmasına rağmen bu kadar beğeneceğimi tahmin etmezdim. Well blended and simply smells good. There's a lot of lavender in the opening and it seems to linger lightly throughout. Extremely outdated scent, reminds me Mary Kay Tribute for men (my father used to wear). Both powerful and soft. Debate over. It's a warm comforting fragrance and a true barbershop classic. This is one of the best barber shop scents of all time. When I run out of 2 bottles of 200 mL / 6.8 oz + 1 bottle of 30 mL /1.01 oz that I still own, I will never again spend my money buying what was once the best men's perfume ever produced. In addition when it rolled out it was only available in the finer retail chains and never in drug stores Understand this... Men's colognes prior to 1995 that have "aromatic balls" and a thankful lack of aquatic freshness and dryer sheet "snugglicousness" are not by default "barber shop" offerings. It's a confident classic for sure, unapologetic and quite probably timeless - I'd like to think that they've kept enough through reformulations to still be the beast it was at first. The drydown had its moments, but felt as if pieces of the puzzle were missing (something I have noticed in other reformulations of leather fragrances, notably Dior Fahrenheit). With the new Jason Bourne movie out, the inevitable question is: Azzaro Pour Homme is a very good masculine fougere - dry, herbal and spicy-fresh. A super classic that remains as one of the most popular (in a good way) fragrances for men, being at the same time inexpensive. I recently bought the new formulation (2019) in the slim refillable bottle with black lettering & sprayer and it smells, to my nose, like an improvement over a conventional bottle 2014 or 15 (metal sprayer, black cap with no silver band) I owned two years ago. If your a fan of "Barbershop" or "Masculine" fragrances, then there's absolutely no reason you shouldn't already own this. If you're below the age of 30, chances are these note's probably helped the creation of your existence at some point lol. It gives off with great complexity while maintaining a soft yet steady projection. It's been a stable hold in my collection in the years since. The projection is pretty good, and lasts all day. I bought Azzaro in winter and I swore it didn't smell like anything at all.


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