You only have access to basic statistics. Washington Reagan (1871-2019) received 10.3 inches (262 mm) from the storm and Washington Dulles (1962-2019) received 10.6 inches (269 mm). Crops and surface water supplies were hard hit across the state. Several noteworthy events occurred this year, from record-breaking hail in Colorado in August (see page 4 for more details) to three EF-3 tornadoes touching down in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in September. Even after adjusting for inflation, the U.S. experienced more than twice the number of billion-dollar disasters during the 2010s (119) when compared to the 2000s (59). For the week ending October 6, the USDA crop report indicated topsoil moisture was rated short or very short for all of Delaware and 97 percent of Maryland, while subsoil moisture was rated short or very short for all of Delaware and 94 percent of Maryland. This helped raise water levels on some of the largest Alaskan rivers. The Pacific Northwest region trailed behind the rest of the West at only 63% of median. The record Midwest 12-month precipitation total (regardless of time of year) was set with the total of 48.01 inches (1219 mm) from August 2018 to July 2019. West Virginia's mean maximum temperature for September was 7.9 degrees F (4.4 degrees C) above normal, its hottest on record. The Pacific Northwest region was near median at 101%. There were three deadly tornadoes in the Midwest in 2019, each causing one death. Museums and other kid-centric activities are easy to find and are the perfect way to pass the time during bad weather. Hilo, Big Island, reported its second highest temperature on record (76.0 F/24.4 C, 2.1 F/1.2 C above normal, records began in 1949). The year-to-date (January-April) average contiguous U.S. temperature was 42.2°F, 3.0°F above average, ranking 10th warmest on record. This flooding was triggered by a "bomb cyclone" that set numerous precipitation, snowfall, wind gust, and pressure records across the region. In addition, lake-effect snow and strong winds created blizzard conditions east of Lake Ontario. On June 15th, a rare anticyclonic tornado touched down briefly in eastern South Dakota, near the town of Estelline, causing minimal damage. Accessed November 25, 2020., NOAA. During March, the average contiguous U.S. temperature ranked within the middle third of the 125-year record at 0.82°F below average. As a result, Tuscaloosa, AL (1948-2019) observed a new maximum daily precipitation record for October at 6.5 inches (165 mm) of rain. It is rare for multiple statewide records to be set in one year. Given the many different climates in the United States, a packing list for your April trip can vary considerably depending on what you're planning to do. At the end of March, sea ice in the Bering Sea reached its second lowest maximum extent since satellite records began in 1979 and began rapidly retreating under anomalously warm conditions. 2019 was an interesting year for the Northeast in terms of tornadoes. From October 16 to 17, a rapidly strengthening coastal storm brought strong winds and heavy rain to the region. Records for Bozeman began in 1941. Minnesota and Wisconsin were not touched by drought throughout all of 2019. Meanwhile, year to date temperature (January-April) was 42.2°F, which is 3°F warmer than average, making the first third of 2020 the 10th-warmest such period on record. In Sioux Falls, SD, 2018 and 2019 now rank as the top two wettest years on record. 2019 ranked among the 20 wettest years on record for seven states: Pennsylvania and Rhode Island, seventh wettest; New York, ninth wettest; Vermont, 12. Due to the extremely wet conditions this year, individual states in the region experienced long stretches without drought. Ample snow and heavy rainfall caused drought conditions to improve, however.


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