what is for sure : every rock, even tiny, is a land where you need to step in. To romance someone in Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, you just need to find them and complete their side-quests, or main-quests. You must free him and carry him back to his house to continue the questline. » Assassin’s Creed Odyssey All Underwater Locations (Map).

I always get a bit nervous when there are gaps in the game, and you have to grind out levels etc.

Killed and looted 100+ goats on Kephalonia and no stink eye trophy. Always pick those, they will lead to romances. I could access her after completing the main story. In the questlog you can keep track of all accepted Contracts and Bounties. Only the first tier of the skills is required. So the situation is I can’t accept quest from her, I’ve never accepted quest from her before, the trophy is stuck and only can be done in 2nd play-through. The platinum is referring to the platinum trophy, of which only PlayStation has for our achievements/trophies.

Whatever you have left should be very quick to complete and the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Platinum will be yours! I made another update and added that dialogue choices don’t affect trophies and don’t lock you out of anything important (just for Aphrodite’s Embrace pick the heart dialogues). You will likely pick this up naturally during your play through - there are a LOT of options. Simply go to a Fort and scan everyone before attacking. To see your rank, go to the “Mercenaries” tab in the menu. Going For Gold: Complete the Olympic questline. It’s easier this way, but up to you. Just incase you want to update your Guide 🙂, Awesome, thanks! You receive some XP when stepping on the islands, that’s how you know they counted. Often times they are tied to side quests and the main story (e.g. This quest unlocks after Main Story Quest “United Front” in Sequence 7. I’m stuck on 99,53% and can’t seem to find the last bit. After that look for the quest “Red in the Wreckage” on the same island and then for the quest “Lost and Found” on Lestris to trigger the next quests for Xenia.

Hi PowerPyx, Your welcome, just to advise that Patch 1.1.0 & 1.1.1 (Just under 3GB) went live today. There will always be new mercenaries above you in the ladder. Pyx, appreciate the guides. Hi, I tried to kill Medusa and every time when she has 1/3 of life and next enemies appiers game freeze and I can’t do nothing, I need to restart the game.

@PowerPyx try them ;). Look out for “Aphrodite’s Embrace” (sleep with a character) since it’s technically missable, but there are lots of opportunities for it. If you do the Hydrea quests first you have 23 quests total and can skip a few. Press to use eagle view and to scan the enemies. You will likely pick this up naturally during your play through - there are a LOT of options. I know you have to do the underwater ones but not sure about those on land. Markos’s questline starts with side quest “A Business Opportunity” on the island “Kos”  (sub-region “Highlands of Asklepiades”). Is there any trophy tied to the whole war outcome? Hi, I just obtained the platinum for the game and on my way to achieving 100% for the other DLC’s but i have a problem as the 2 cyclops are not spawning namely steropes and arges i have reload the game multiple times but no luck in spawning them, just want to know if anyone had the same problem and how was they able to solve it? Not mine found this info and it works. what constitutes a side quest for the Island Hopper trophy?

Yes, you can – I didn’t killed him. Once these patches downloaded, I loaded up my most recent save and the Child of Poseidon Trophy along with my Plat popped immediately! Medusa is a level 50 Boss so you should be at least Level 46 to stand a chance.


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