Perhaps the story is better interpreted as seduction, that Hades won Kore’s heart away from her mother and caused her to willingly abandon her home, which would have been considered a worse crime than the physical act of rape in ancient society. Professor of Transfiguration, Deputy Headmistress, and Head of Gryffindor House. Look, don't ask us how they breed, okay, it just happened, arguing that Tonks and his child would be better off without him. Firenze telling Harry about the unicorn in the Forbidden Forest. He begged Voldemort to spare Lily's life after she (along with James and Harry) became #1 on Voldy's hit-list. Add your own. Hey, at least he didn't die. Firenze stayed to fight, and was seriously injured on his flank which poured copious ammounts of blood. A former classmate of Harry's dead parents, Snape is now a teacher at Hogwarts who seems to hate Harry on sight. This extraordinary witch may not have been as powerful as Dumbledore, but she looked out for her students better than he did, in some ways. Harry Potter: I just know! He is apparently overwhelmed by acromantulas during the Battle of Hogwarts, but is merely taken prisoner by the Death Eaters. She has a fondness for tartan and Ginger Newts. Before Harry’s time, of course, Hogwarts had different professors, whom fans don’t always know about, but who also shaped the wizarding world. A cheerful man who usually stands on a pile of books while addressing his class. He's right. She was later put on probation and fired by Umbridge, which caused her great distress. his regret over telling Tom Riddle about them. A number of centaurs live in the Forbidden Forest, including Ronan (PS15), Bane (PS15), Magorian (OP30) and up until Harry's fifth year, Firenze (PS15, OP27). Madam Pomfrey shows up in all the books, but appears very infrequently in the movies. She is Dumbledore's right hand, deputy leader of the Order, and a powerful witch in her own right, and she is probably the teacher Harry trusts the most. In 1991, the colony was disturbed by the arrival of Lord Voldemort in the Forest when he, through Quirinus Quirrell, was stalking and killing Unicorns. How do we resolve the celebration of rape narratives in Pagan religions? Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, and considered to be the modern Merlin in terms of his magical ability. In his new Divination class, Harry gets distracted by his teacher, a Centaur named Firenze. The whole bit where he turned Draco into a ferret was pretty cool, but completely against Hogwarts rules. Professor Wilhelmina Grubbly-Plank was a good friend of Professor Sinistra’s and replaced Rubeus Hagrid for a while as Hogwarts’ Care of Magical Creatures Professor. However, he manipulated and used Harry to make sure he fulfilled the prophecy, and showed bias in the way he treated students from different houses, which is why he doesn’t have the top spot on this list. As flying and Quidditch can be dangerous for unexperimented students, Madam Hooch focused on safety a lot. Specifically, Harry is distracted by his surprisingly large package. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Mars causes accidents and burns and things like that, and when it makes an angle to Saturn, like now, that means people need to be extra careful when handling hot things- "Chocolate in the library!" Whatever happened to Umbridge, Harry and Hermione made no move to stop it. Albus Severus Potter. By the next school year, Trelawney was reinstated as Divination Professor, but because of Firenze's situation with his herd, Dumbledore allowed them both to continue teaching, though Trelawney was uncomfortable with sharing her classes with a centaur. This doesn't stop him from parrying Mcgonagall's attacks specifically to take out both the Carrows without anyone noticing before fleeing. After her rescue, they actually torment her a bit and laugh at her. Professor Minerva McGonagall was the Head of Gryffindor, the Transfiguration Professor, and, after Dumbledore’s passing, the Headmistress of Hogwarts. He tries to steal the Philosopher's Stone for his master, but is thwarted by Harry and dies when Voldemort's spirit leaves him. And it's not out of the realm of possibility for him to become the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher later on in life. Suddenly, the two got quiet, just looking at each other. Your evidence? Patheos has the views of the prevalent religions and spiritualities of the world. He initially comes across as inconfident and incompetent, stuttering constantly, but this is appearantly a facade: He eventually reveals himself to be a servant of Voldemort, and the host to his spirit. Parvati Patil: Professor Trelawney did astrology with us! Bane carries off Umbridge when she insults and attacks the herd. Get updates from PANTHEON delivered straight to your inbox. This is why Dumbledore hired her: he knew she would be in danger from Voldemort and hoped that he could protect her at Hogwarts. The centaurs were invited to be classified as Beings and play a role in wizarding governance, but have chosen instead to be classified as Beasts by the Ministry (FB) and do not take part in governing at all. Not bad he was too comfortable to move at the start of the last book... two Death Eaters slipped into the payroll, instated as teacher and later Headmistress, yearly near-death situations and almost bi-monthly grievous injuries. Like we do. She started working at Hogwarts at the same time as her brother, contributing to Snape’s reign of terror. He is Hogwarts' resident Sadist Teacher (at least until Book 5). "Out — out — OUT!" He’s mostly known for his love of theatre, however. Just like any school, Hogwarts has some good teachers—and some bad ones, too. He also took part in the Battle of Hogwarts, where he was injured, and returned to his herd afterwards, who realised that his pro-human leanings were not shameful. Trelawney fancies herself a great seer "possessed of the Inner Eye", but is widely regarded by other characters as a fraud who makes up nonsensical prohecies on the spot, particularly because of her habit of predicting death to one student of every new class she teaches. In many cases, Centaurs represent animalistic behaviour – carrying off human women, for example – but they also appear as wise teachers. Here are 25 of the best, ranked according to their teaching abilities! He was a member of the Order of the Phoenix and fought during the battle of Hogwarts, during which he lost his life. If Umbridge was raped, in the books and film it’s treated as no more than her due. It's later revealed that Snape was frequently bullied and tormented by Harry's father James (whom Harry greatly resembles) and godfather Sirius Black, and that he was once a Death Eater but has returned to the light side for some unspecified reason. Unlike other Centaurs, Firenze is polite and friendly to humans, even allowing the 11-year old Harry to ride on his back when taking him to safety. Apart from the moral questions the “Slug Club” poses, Professor Slughorn was, arguably, a good teacher—not as brilliant as Snape, but not a bully, at least. Firenze was a centaur, part of the Forbidden Forest Centaur colony, and one of two Divination teachers at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry from 1996 to 1998.. It’s generally an unspoken rule in Harry Potter that if bad things happen to bad people, they deserve it. While he doesn’t visibly burst after Harry sees his “worst memory”, he disobeys Dumbledore’s explicit orders to teach Harry Occlumency even when aware of what was at stake and reaches such levels of spite for him that he decides to completely ignore Harry’s presence.


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