Maybe you were at work and left your keys at your desk, maybe you locked your keys in your car, or maybe they just vanished into thin air. Funding: This website is supported by the Texas Access to Justice Foundation. I am not saying that the blame rests entirely upon you, but if your landlord does not seem to have a plan for scheduled maintenance, make sure you reach out to discuss the potential of having a maintenance schedule. First, you must be authorized by written or oral lease to live at the property. The lease or move-in document should list how many keys the landlord gave the renters when they moved in. There is no fee for this service. I am running a business and time spent running over to an apartment is time spent away from my family or other work. No.

Josh: I would certainly hope not. Josh touched on key coded locks in his answer and I think this is worth mentioning again. %�쏢 If the judge reasonably believes that your landlord unlawfully locked you out of your property, the judge can issue a Writ of Re-Entry, which is a piece of paper that orders you to get immediate access to your property. You come home only to find that you’ve lost your apartment key and have no way to get in. A landlord changes the locks without cause. If residents lose their key or become locked out of their apartment, the following options are available: [loosely adapted from a quick search result on Google]: During posted regular business hours (excluding holidays), residents may come to the main office for assistance. CT REG #: 673007, (203) 752-1464 A guide to help you understand the landlord-tenant laws and renters rights in Colorado, 85% more likely to experience a home burglary than homeowners, until their landlord has collected (and cashed) a deposit and any pre-paid rent, you don’t have the right to lock them out of their place, Renters and landlords should sign leases that. Required fields are marked *. Since renters are 85% more likely to experience a home burglary than homeowners, renters and landlords should work together to make sure a rental is as secure as possible, starting with the locks. The landlord should immediately rekey the locks to keep the property secure. If they change the locks without asking the landlord for permission, does the landlord have the right to change the locks if there’s nothing about it in the lease? A lock that is not working is often the reason you find that you are locked out of your apartment. If they do that, they also need to offer the renter an extra key so the renter can enter the property until the lease ends. The Austin Tenants' Council serves the Austin, Texas, area, but its web site has useful information for all Texas residents.

, © 2016 All American Locksmiths | All Rights Reserved. If the landlord provided the renters with two original keys, then two copies are returned (minus the originals), the landlord will know copies were made. A: Yes –, Q: Do I still have to pay my water bill? The audio file above addresses this question as Avvo’s chief legal officer, Josh King, weighs in with his thoughts. ��_�QI�=�&m!�{~.���>��`W��W� ㄖ��Ηh�g ����9\��r�������H�}s)�X�iR�p I was really lucky nothing bad happened.”. a civil penalty of one month’s rent plus $1,000. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Yes. x��������~�� ��=@��]+����bV�h�^{�O��E��M�Ґ���ح�.g(`!hY,�� �O�1�P�Y���-�/�a��w$ ���;�t�|�C�\���K�X�����Y} �J�N�!OP-��^ ��8�]B�8��n)ʱv�8�i���֡o���� For additional reading, view Texas RioGrande Legal Aid's Lockout FAQ. Landlords, plan to rekey the place, especially between renters. So the keys must still be in my car or somewhere between my car and my front door. Locks and keys are an important part of keeping a home safe. Changing the locks without going through the proper eviction procedures is illegal in almost every state. I’d also make sure that tenant knows to keep their keys on them in case the battery dies on the keypad.


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