2 #2 Green Lantern Vol. The Flash Vol. The heroes triumph, but not before encountering the Emerald Head of Ekron, a Green Lantern who fights alongside them to reobtain his eye (which is, in fact, a supercharged power ring). Batman: The Dark Knight Vol. Savage Hawkman #2 (1) Jay & Silent Bob Get Old 60 What Was It Mewes Wanted.mov (2) The Fighter and the Kid - Episode 173: The Hodge Twins (3) Your Mom's House Podcast - Ep. The first wave, featuring figures based on Batwoman, Isis, Booster Gold, Animal Man, and Supernova, was released in May 2007.[11]. Teen Titans Vol. 2 #2 Green Lantern Corps #25. All-Star Western Vol. For example, Justice League: Origin, Action Comics Vol. The reading order begins in the distant past and gradually catches up to present day. OP which ones do you personally would recommend? Deathstroke Vol. 3 #10 Realizing that Hunter is aware of his plan, Skeets traps Carter in a time loop in the bunker and sets out to locate Hunter himself. #1 (2011) Also, several of the New 52 titles tell back stories from before the time of the launch moving forward. 2 #15 9 #2 7 #4, The Shade Vol. 3 #1 (2014) [2] Reminiscent of DC's earlier History of the DC Universe limited series, in this story, Donna Troy explores the history of the DC Universe with the help of Harbinger's recording device. The story was originally conceived as being a chronicle of what happened in the "missing year" between the end of Infinite Crisis and the beginning of One Year Later. 3 #4 Please note: If you want to go back to the chronological listing after having used the sorting tool you have to reload the page. 3 #2 3 #2 3 #2 Luthor eventually learns the reports were falsified by employees out of fear for what he might do with genuine superpowers, and gives himself the powers of Superman. 3 #4 4 #1 (2011) 2 #11, Free Comic Book Day: The New 52 #1 (2012), Hawk and Dove Vol. 2 #8 I loved new 52 event, the batman titles were my favorite, especially the zero year as I had never read batman origins, http://comicbookreadingorders.com/dc/new-52-reading-order-part-1/ in this link the reading order is in chronological sequence. Batman and Robin Vol. Resurrection Man Vol. Green Lantern Corps Vol. Blue Beetle Vol. 2 #1 (2011) Demon Knights #22 Batman: The Dark Knight Vol. Suicide Squad Vol. 3 #7 5 #3 Nightwing #25. Resurrection Man Vol. Magnus' anti-depressants are confiscated and he is ordered to build a Plutonium Man robot, but Magnus also secretly rebuilds miniature versions of the Metal Men. Night Force Vol. All-Star Western Vol. 3 #1 (2012) Red Lanterns #7 Detective Comics Vol. 2) is an ongoing series that sees the eponymous hero and Rip Hunter travel through time to fix history as "the greatest superhero never known". Animal Man Vol. Your one stop for DC Films news and discussion, as well as past DC films and Vertigo adaptations! Despite his initial consent, Dibny and his friends disrupt the ceremony, and the effigy of Sue crawls to Dibny, calling out to him as it burns; Dibny suffers a nervous breakdown as a result. Wonder Woman Vol. 2 #3. Voodoo Vol. Resurrection Man Vol. Deathstroke Vol. Aquaman Vol. Demon Knights #18 2 #7 2 #2 Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. 3 #3 Supergirl Vol. 7 #1 (2011) Aquaman Vol. Demon Knights #15 4 #3, Superboy Vol. Skeets uses Booster's ancestor Daniel Carter to regain access to Hunter's lab, where he sees the photos and arrows pointing at Skeets himself. 6 #1 (2011) Montoya, as the new Question, joins Nightwing and former Intergang member Kyle Abbot in trying to save Batwoman, but they are unable to prevent Mannheim from stabbing her with a ceremonial dagger. Superboy Vol. 2 #2 Static Shock #4 2 #4 3 #1 (2011) It would especially focus on how the world dealt with the disappearance of the "big three" heroes in the DCU, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. There are also other events such as flashpoint reading order if you browse the website and please thank the creator by contacting him for his work. Earth 2 #3 2 #4 Sword of Sorcery Vol. Batwoman fatally wounds Mannheim and survives. Nightwing Vol. Week 50 of 52 and the four-issue World War III limited series, which was released the same week, depict the superhumans' battle with Black Adam. 5 #6 The chronology list can also be sorted according to Comic book title. Lex Luthor announces the Everyman Project, a program designed to give ordinary people superpowers. 3 #8, Blue Beetle Vol. The Shade Vol. 2 #3 Press J to jump to the feed. 9 #5 3 #2 Mister Terrific #2 Team 7 Vol. Batman Vol. Batwoman Vol. Black Adam finds Isis' crippled brother Amon among the children and shares his power with him, and Amon is reborn as Osiris. Justice League Dark #5, Voodoo Vol. After several failed attempts to resurrect his wife, Dibny prepares a spell in Doctor Fate's home, the Tower of Nabu. Huntress Vol. This is a reading order for all DC comics published under the New 52 line, beginning after the Flashpoint event and ending with the Convergence event. 2 #3 Catwoman Vol.


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