Zoom reimagine the stand-alone multitracker for the DAW generation. Puoi scattare foto e persino rimuovere le produzioni pronte ovunque ti trovi. *Apple Lightning to USB Camera Adapter required. Paga in tutta sicurezza con Contanti alla consegna, Carta di credito, Bonifico bancario, PayPal oppure Amazon Pay. Bu ürünün ekstra indirimli son fiyatıdır. yararlanabilir, siparişinizi aynı gün teslim alabilirsiniz. Zoom Live­Trak L‑12 | Mixing pop/​rock song. Pro. Channels 1 and 2 offer Hi-Z inputs for connecting an electric guitar or bass. Tracks are recorded pre-EQ and effects, so they can be transferred to your favorite DAWfor further mixing and editing. 4 clienti hanno valutato il prodotto con una stella. When a scene is recalled, the appropriate LEDs on each channel fader light to indicate the stored value, and the fader itself only ‘picks up’ control once you move it through this position. You can capture data up to two seconds before recording starts, in case a performance begins ahead of time. Any compression you apply is thus ‘baked in’ to the recorded signal, in contrast to the EQ. Al prodotto. Almost nine years on, the LiveTrak L‑12 looks a lot like that ‘more professional’ version of the R16. Registra su SD o SDHC 32GB, Nero. 3 iş günü Dedicated buttons let you step forwards and backwards through the markers, making it easy to navigate large projects. Although the R16 was, in theory, a 16-track recorder, it could record only eight tracks simultaneously, and managing a larger project using bank switching and so forth got confusing quite quickly. Its headphone amplifier delivers volume that stands up in any live environment without the need for a separate headphone monitoring setup. I’d be more than happy to mix a small live show on the LiveTrak, or to set up individual cue mixes for musicians using the five headphone outputs (see box) — something which is almost never worth the trouble with the software-based cue-mixing utilities found in most computer audio interfaces. With only a single stereo output, mirrored on a single headphone socket, monitoring and cue-mixing options were very limited. £477. The inputs correspond, respectively, to the eight mono inputs, the two stereo line ins, and the stereo master output from the mixer. 140 clienti hanno dato a questo prodotto una valutazione di 5 stelle. LiveTrak lets you record 12 discrete tracks up to 24-bit/96 kHz WAV audio to an SD cardwhile simultaneously mixing your live show. Sensibly, then, Zoom have dispensed with the banking system on the LiveTrak, along with the R16’s little-used and cumbersome ‘virtual tracks’ system. Satın The recorder provides you with the ability to record a backup which for me is critical in any recording setup. LiveTrak L-12 ayrıca, 14-in/4-out USB ses kartı olarak kullanılabilir. Yalnızca 12 kanaldan bağımsız kayıt yapma özelliğine sahip değil. Zoom LiveTrak L-12. MuzikReyonu genel fiyat politikasını döviz bazında ayarlamıştır. Versatile Operation ModesThe L-12 is equipped with several operation modes. Hepsiburada.com, Bir Doğan Online Markasıdır. These don’t just display signal levels, though, because one of the key additions to the LiveTrak’s mixing functionality is a simple but effective scene-based recall system. $522 . It’s the only digital console that lets you mix your live performance and record up to 12 discrete channels – all while providing five individual custom headphone mixes. Consente inoltre di aggiungere 5 miscele di monitor indipendenti e configurabili liberamente per la configurazione integrata Amplificatore per cuffie. Gizlilik ve Kişisel Verilerin Korunması Politikası, n11.com’dan satın aldığınız ürünler için cayma hakkınızı kullanabilirsiniz.*. Naturalmente si può utilizzare il morbido e ampio nastro da stiro in lunghezza. The company’s UAC range of USB audio interfaces reportedly offer superb low-latency performance; I don’t know whether the LiveTrak uses the same driver, but it doesn’t deliver the same results. Sempre con grandi offerte per tutti i musicisti. CPU: Intel® Core i3 or fasterUSB: USB 3.0/USB 2.0* Ti suggeriamo di riprovare più tardi. However, if you want to hear any playback from the computer, you’ll need to sacrifice one or both of the stereo line inputs, as these share mixer channels with the two stereo USB returns from the DAW. Hai trovato questo prodotto a un prezzo più basso?? CPU: Intel® Core i3 or faster*USB: USB 3.0/USB 2.0** MID: 100 Hz-8 kHz, ±15 dB, peaking, Building on their affordable H-series of hand-held recorders, they’ve created a professional field recorder, the F8, and their current audio interfaces in the TAC and UAC lines give nothing away to competition from more familiar names in that field. Offers an awful lot of mixing, recording and interfacing for the money. TASCAM DP-03SD - Portastudio Registratore Digitale Portatile a 8 Tracce con ingresso USB. This always operates in momentary mode, so it’s not possible to have the talkback mic latch on. Puoi modificare la domanda oppure pubblicarla lo stesso. (You can read that review online at www.soundonsound.com/reviews/zoom-r16.). Even better, its built-in recorder can actually be used at the same time as recording is taking place on an attached computer, giving a degree of redundancy that’s not available in any other system I know of at this sort of price. High-Definition Sample RatesThe L-12 supports sample rates up to 96 kHz when recording to an SD card, allowing you to record in high definition. 2 clienti hanno dato a questo prodotto una valutazione di 3 stelle. Show all . There was a lot to like about the R16, and I bought and still own the review model. This is destructive and can’t be undone, but an optional footswitch is available if you need to do it hands-free. The LiveTrak is thus ‘only’ a 12-track recorder, but it can record all 12 tracks simultaneously, along with its own stereo master track. The only serious limitation is that, for reasons best known to Zoom, the effects return appears only in the master mix. to the product. Its eight mono channels also have a dedicated compressor. Our Best Mic Preamps YetAt -128 dBu EIN with +60 dB maximum input gain, LiveTrak is equipped with the quietest and most advanced preamps we’ve ever made. XS Sapete che un buon mixer digitale costa 3000€ , una buona scheda audio costa 2000€ etc etc il live trak che fa sia da mixer che da scheda audio costa 500€ e li vale tutti . Plus, iPhone Havale ve EFT için, ürünün fiyat açıklamasındaki Türk Lirasına çevrilmektedir. *Effects, EQ, overdub, audio interface, fader modes A-E, and channels 13-14 (stereo mix) are not available in 96 kHz. Combined mixer, audio interface and recorder 12 discrete channels (8 mono plus 2 stereo channels) with XLR and 6.3 mm jack sockets, Simultaneous recording of up to 14 tracks, Playback of 12 tracks,... (37) Zoom LiveTrak L-20. Most bands include at least three people. In Card Reader mode, the L-12 acts as an SD card reader, allowing you to transfer audio files to and from your computer. VSTBuzz: 89% off "London Symphonic Strings" b... Making cassette releases from 4 track and DAW recording... MPs to investigate whether artists are paid fairly for ... A unique combination of digital mixer, multitrack recorder and USB audio interface. As on the R16, there’s a fixed relationship between inputs and tracks, but this time around there is no ’swap tracks’ function to move recorded audio from one track to another. The LiveTrak has a more basic but much more useful arrangement, operated in a hands-on fashion similar to other digital mixers. Five powered headphone outputs can send individual monitor sub mixes to headphones, in-ear monitors, or powered monitor speakers. In Card Reader mode, the L‑12 starts up purely as a storage device, allowing an attached computer to read and write files directly from and to its SD card. Most multitrackers and audio interfaces include at most two headphone sockets. Beneficia della Protezione al Cliente di Amazon. Analizza anche le recensioni per verificare l'affidabilità. The L-12 provides a smooth 3-band mid-parametric EQ and a low cut function for each input channel. It should make an absolutely brilliant tool for bands, serving as a live-sound mixer for small gigs, a multitrack recorder in the rehearsal room and a USB audio interface in the studio.


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