Frutiger intended the design to be a more human version of geometric sans-serif types popular in the 1930s such as Erbar and Futura, and it is named Avenir ("future" in French) as a reference to the latter.[39]. A calligraphic, informal, script face, Ondine ("wave" in French), also was released in 1954. Mr. Frutiger married Simone Bickel in 1955; she died in 2008. search engine maximization, he also creates fresh, imaginative campaigns that will light up your business and highlight your brand. Linotype launched a font series named Type Before Gutenberg in 1989 and in the 1990s, Frutiger released as part of it a series of designs inspired by pre-printing alphabets, such as Herculanum and Pompeijana, inspired by Roman brush lettering, Rusticana, inspired by capitalis rustica Roman carving. For more than 50 years, Adrian Frutiger made the world legible. His father and his secondary school teachers encouraged him to pursue an apprenticeship rather than pure art. A type designer who died on Sept. 10 at 87 in his native Switzerland, Mr. Frutiger created some of the most widely used fonts of the 20th century, seen daily in airports, on street signs and in subway stations around the world. Until his death, he lived in Bremgarten bei Bern, identity / mit media lab - 2014 par PENTAGRAM - il ne s'agit plus cette fois de…, Paula Scher (born 1948 in Washington, D.C.) is an American graphic designer and artist. In the Univers font, Frutiger introduced his two-digit numeration; the first digit (3 though 8) indicates the weight, "3" the lightest, "8" the heaviest. It is simply that he came of age professionally in the teeth of the sans serif era. In a complete reverse, his next design Westside was a wild-west themed slab serif, inspired by reverse-contrast French Clarendons of the late 19th century. “It makes itself invisible, but physically it’s actually incredibly legible.”, “That’s the one that’s on the bottom of all our checks,” Mr. Spiekermann said. This page was last edited on 20 November 2020, at 06:55. Until his death, he lived in Bremgarten bei Bern. In 2006 he was awarded the SOTA Typography Award. His early interest in sculpture was discouraged by his father and Adrian Frutiger Contemporary Swiss graphic designer, typographer and type designer of imagination and consummate craftsmanship, associated with Deberny & Peignot , Bauer and Linotype . His best-known fonts include Univers, employed throughout the design of the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich, and Frutiger, ubiquitous on airport signage, including that of John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York and Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris. Rob Merola is so talented: He can introduce you to your networking group, or clients, or the entire world, for that. Prominent users of Frutiger's typefaces include: In 2003, the Swiss watchmaker Ventura commissioned him to design a new watch face for a limited-edition line of wristwatches. [21] It makes use of narrow wedge serifs, a style sometimes known as Latin which Frutiger would often use in his future serif designs. Commissioned to create signage for airports and subway systems, Mr. Frutiger soon realized that fonts that looked good in books did not work well on signs: The characters lacked enough air to be readable at a distance. The once-tractable letters have turned unruly and are now barely distinguishable one from another. He later also created Frutiger Stones (no connection to Frutiger), a playful design inspired by the shapes of pebbles. Type design information compiled and maintained by Luc Devroye. Deberny & Peignot in 1957, the type library was acquired in 1972 by Haas Type Foundry. [72], He also designed a word mark for the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India. Adrian Frutiger (born May 24, 1928 in Unterseen, Canton of Bern, Switzerland) is a typeface designer who influenced the direction of digital typography in the second half of the 20th century and into the 21st. The amount of time and effort dedicated to putting a presentation together is so impressive and the final result has always been perfect. [7], Frutiger married Paulette Flückiger in 1952, who died in 1954 after the birth of their son Stéphane. After initially planning to train as a pastry chef, Frutiger secured an apprenticeship at the Otto Schlaefli printing house in Interlaken. His forte was typeface designing and he is considered responsible for the advancement of typography into digital typography. See more ideas about Adrian, Typography, Type design.


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