There are 70 total challenges available, and you'll need to complete at least 65 to unlock all of the cheats required for the next four achievements, so completing 35 should, for the most part, come pretty naturally with gameplay and completing other achievements. The fourth and final legendary battle, which is listed as an "epic legendary battle," is available after beating the first three and will show up in the southwest corner of the map. Do this until you finish a segment and need to progress in the main story to unlock more fleet missions. Memory 1 - The Way The Wind Blows You can only send one ship per mission, so multiple ships aren't required. Story related; cannot be missed. When you run out of Naval Campaign missions, finish the main memory sequence you're on. The air dart rifle is used to silently shoot sleep or berserk darts at enemies from a decent distance, and is a serious game-changer in the series. There is one that I dont know what it means. Some outposts may have as many as three key holders and stashes to loot. There are only a handful in the game, so capture them all and the achievement is yours. Then the enemies will board your ship. - Inside Ice Bergs: these will show up on your World Map when you take over the fort/HQ in that quadrant. Brigs carry almost all types of cargo as well as ammo for mortars and heavy shot. There are four legendary battles total. To get the Templar Armour, you'll first have to find all of the Templar Maps in the game. Head north past the viewpoint along the waterfront, and you'll come to a lone agile assassin (orange arrow) on the one pier on your right. Once they're all asleep, switch to a berserk grenade and fire that to make them all go berserk. If you're missing any and aren't sure where to look, hit the Back button and go into your Progress Tracker, scroll over to collectibles and it'll list every area in the game and what you've collected/missed there. The fights are fairly easy, and the payout is huge. This will unlock after the credits roll, upon completing the game. I could have sworn though that I already did it once. Players have to defeat a small convoy of ships that guards a treasure transport. inside a black square. Once you find and solve every Native Pillar, return to Orenda in River Valley to unlock the door, and collect your armor. The mission starts out at about 40 or 50 minutes. Players, however, only have a small amount of time before the burning ship sinks underwater. Counter 20 smoke bombs successfully using a gas mask. This one will take a little time but isn't difficult at all. So just make sure there are no question marks and no grey locations on your maps (New York, River Valley, and North Atlantic). It requires you to complete 55 Abstergo Challenges to unlock. They will all be gun boats, schooners and brigs. This achievement requires you to find and solve every Native Pillar in the game. Welcome to the Assassin's Creed Rogue Walkthrough. When done, fast travel back to the viewpoint in Halifax and all the enemies will respawn. It mostly acts as a tutorial, where you learn how to run, kill and sail across the waters of Assassin's Creed: Rogue. You will begin to uncover more truths about your past, and begin to hunt down your former allies. After defeating them, it’s a good strategy to add a few to Shay’s fleet since they are highly useful in Fleet Missions. Memory 1 - Men of War Throughout the North Atlantic, fleets take part in battles with each other which players can join to help out the defenders. By no means feel obligated to donate just for viewing my guide, but if you are feeling a little generous I certainly won’t object! Resources must be obtained from supply camps, outposts, settlements, and looting ships at sea. Just take your time, and if need be, take out every enemy. Memory 4 - Kyrie Eleison There is acomplete collectible locations guide below the main walkthrough. Fast travel to any viewpoint in New York Explore new areas, gather collectibles, loot supply camps and outposts, capture settlements, etc. 1. 2. North of Perce. There are 12 Assassin interceptions in the game. I have completed 6/33 and haven't progressed any further. Naval Campaign. NOTE that there is an assassination interception in Greenwich, New York that isn't available until you finish all the others, so if you're wondering why there seems to be an icon mission on the map, you'll need to finish the rest to unlock that mission. North of Lewis Porte. Thankfully these are not underwater and are much easier to find, as they appear on your map when you synchronize the viewpoint in the area. At first they were spawning just south of Anticosti, about four in a row. They show up in various locations as a pigeon in a black circle on your map. Sail around using your mortars to sink ships from a distance until the achievement unlocks. Considering you could be paying upwards of $20+ for guides in a game shop,these free and easily available guides make a cost-effective substitute. Sequence 4 consists of the following three memories: Just like in Black Flag, players get to control their very own fleet of ships in Assassin’s Creed Rogue. Cookies help us deliver our Services. The PoW ship will be being escorted by two other ships, usually brigs, which will be marked with red dots to sink them. When you start playing the game, there is a lot of stuff to do. Once you synchronize the viewpoint(s) in a location, every one of these things will be visible on your map, making this very easy to complete in every location; only one location is required for the achievement, however.


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