Beautifully written, as it was to be expected from Russel, and great narration. Philosophy of Mind37. and others. By: Which character – as performed by Jonathan Keeble – was your favorite? It gives philosophy an unavoidable place next to science. Schools of Thought: From Aristotle to Augustine3. Rhett Samuel Price, By: This is the first of its kind that I have read, so is worth remembering it is Bertrand Russell's view and comes out of his own world view, though does well to treat fairly viewpoints that differ from his own. By: Along with their ideas, he offers their flesh-and-blood biographies, placing their thoughts within their own time and place and elucidating their influence on our modern intellectual heritage. He went until John Dewey, his contemporary. Immanuel Kant, Narrated by: It might be my last foray into a grand survey of philosophy because it does such a good job. Israel Bouseman, Narrated by: It's a dense book, and the sort of writing that I'd rather have on a page to ponder and re-read as necessary. During this time, we have made some of our learning resources freely accessible. Most entertaining perhaps is the brilliant and scathing chapter on Nietzsche, in which Russell places the German philosopher in a dialogue with Buddha. This book is packed with wisdom and wit. While I hold a bachelors degree in the subject, this reminder was an enjoyable return to a time when I had left Plato's cave to see more than just shadows on a wall. I am an architect with a keen interest in philosophy and I found this book to be a great introduction to philosophy. Charles MacKay, Language34. And the account of the hereditary principle with regard to economics remains even today a fascinating and relevant insight. Metaphysics36. Kenny also looks closely at each of the main areas of philosophical exploration: knowledge and understanding; science; metaphysics; mind and soul; the nature and content of morality; political philosophy; and God. Immanuel Kant. So this is a fair warning to people who would listen to this audio book, keep in mind and don't let his bias become yours. Russel does a good job of inoculating the reader from the seductive arguments of the past and for that even a beginner should start here despite the need for extra strict. The author writes giving personal impressions but is very fair. It's like studying math. In that regard I found it far more compelling than any course or lecture series. He immerses himself and you in the book and what he says, acts out the scenes, respects punctuation and gives life and meaning and joy in listening to this audio book. I also like the fact that the author wrote this book 70+ years ago, asking contemporary questions we can see answers to., Oxford Scholarly Editions Online - Medieval Poetry, The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science, Oxford Dictionary of National Biography Online, The European Society of Cardiology Series, Oxford Research Encyclopedias: Global Public Health, Museums, Libraries, & Information Sciences, Oxford Handbooks Online: Political Science, American Journal of Agricultural Economics, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, Damascius' Problems and Solutions Concerning First Principles, The first major single-author narrative of the history of philosophy for several decades, Reveals the origins of many modern ideas and issues, Written for anyone who wants to learn about the intellectual development of mankind -- no prior knowledge of philosophy assumed, Brings to life the great minds of the past, Kenny is the perfect author: the only person who has made major contributions to the study of ancient, medieval, modern, and contemporary philosophy. Karl Popper, Narrated by: This metaphysical self-help classic instills happiness within and urges individuals to pursue a content life without sin, boredom, or contempt. 10/10 for his analysis of philosophical concepts. This book will radically change how you think and see the world. Sixteenth-Century Philosophy20. Politics40. This is a great introduction to philosophy and its problems. The book is also interesting for another reason. Durant lucidly describes the philosophical systems of such world-famous “monarchs of the mind” as Plato, Aristotle, Francis Bacon, Spinoza, Kant, Voltaire, and Nietzsche. The individual volumes of Sir Anthony Kenny's acclaimed History of Western Philosophy have been hailed as wonderfulauthoritativehugely rewarding (Times Higher Education Supplement) and genial and highly accessible (London Review of Books). In the Critique of Pure Reason, Immanuel Kant explores the foundation of human knowledge and its limits, as well as man's ability to engage in metaphysics. Where it does touch upon ethics the book is somewhat dated, especially with regard to Atistotle's virtue ethics, which barely get a mention despite their importance in modern philosophy. Equal, it is nice to have it read but I also have the book. To purchase, visit your preferred ebook provider. In this extremely ambitious book, Russell goes through pretty much all of western (and some eastern) philosophy. He does not, like certain other philosophers dismiss the scientific endeavour as just imperfect empiricism. Dennis Dalton, Knowledge14. What about Jonathan Keeble’s performance did you like? I am studying Philosophy at the Open University and found this account very interesting. The reminder of each of the greatest philosophers most influential ideas. He has been Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, Master of Balliol College, Chairman of the Board of the British Library, and President of the British Academy. What other book might you compare A History of Western Philosophy to and why? The title of the book is misleading. Because once you went through it, you can and will be able to find your footing and know what you want to learn about more.


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