The sport is also played by high schools in Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, and Wyoming, and in parts of Canada. 0000134384 00000 n 0000002068 00000 n 0000001620 00000 n Scoring tends to be much higher in the six-man game compared to its 11-man counterpart; games in which one team scores 100 points or more, now extremely rare in 11-man, regularly occur several times a year in six-man.[5]. 0000012961 00000 n 0000003716 00000 n 0000007299 00000 n The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. In both University Interscholastic League and Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools competition, a 45-point "mercy rule" exists to prevent lopsided scoring deficits (no such rule exists in the standard 11-man game in Texas). 0000077528 00000 n TCSAAL held its second annual Six-Man Football State Championship on November 14, 2016, at Warrior Stadium at South Grand Prairie High School in Grand Prairie. Normal 12-man Canadian fields are 110 yards long and 65 yards wide, with 20 yard end zones. 0000005752 00000 n %PDF-1.6 %���� The book was authored by Marc Rasmussen and published by the South Dakota State Historical Society Press. What part of the liturgical calendar are flowers removed from the sanctuary? How long will the footprints on the moon last? The two teams playing in the game were the combined team from Hardy-Chester ("Hard-Chests") and a combined team from Belvidere-Alexandria ("Belvalex"). Identify which three of the six dimensions of health are your strongest? It includes a detailed history of Stephen Epler, the inventor of the sport, and follows the life of Willis "Bill" Welsh, who led a team from little Claremont, South Dakota, to a national record for consecutive wins between 1947 and 1953. Texas Charter School Academic and Athletic League (TCSAAL) held its inaugural Six-Man Football Varsity State Championship on November 20, 2015, at East View High School in Georgetown, Texas, in which Inspired Vision Academy defeated West Columbia Charter School for the championship. Teams in the conference are as far south as the Florida Keys to as far north as Jacksonville. In addition, a field goal is worth four points instead of three. Copyright © 2020 Multiply Media, LLC. 5 90s. 0000007413 00000 n The Slaughter Rule, released in 2002, used six-man football as played in Montana as the backdrop for an examination of the relationship between a fatherless renegade football player and his loner coach. NCAA RULE SIX-MAN RULE VARIATION (1-1 & 2) 1. 45 ' 5 90s. 461 0 obj <>stream More information is available on the South Dakota State Historical Society Press webpage ( The game is ended under this rule if a team is losing by 45 or more points at halftime or at any point after. [2], On October 5, 1940, Windham High School from Windham, Ohio, defeated Stamford Collegiate of Niagara Falls, Ontario, 39-1 in the first international six-man football game. x�b```b``Ic`e``�� Ā B@16��>�p)P�Tj� �a�CV4�x�cR��C���NlQ���j��T�Z����R*%!l;���� A point-after kick is worth two points, while a conversion made by running or passing the ball is worth one point; this is the opposite of standard 11-man football. Six Man, Texas, released in 2008, is a documentary film that explores six-man football as identity in the public high schools of the 160 small towns in Texas that play it. 0000003855 00000 n Inspired Vision Academy defeated UME Preparatory 38-0 for their second consecutive TCSAAL Six-Man Varsity State Championship. It was made particularly for schools that were small and too far removed geographically to have a reasonable co-operative program with a neighboring school. 0000010140 00000 n The title refers to a rule in which a game is called in the second half if one team gains a 45-point advantage over the other. Scoring is the same as in 11-man football, with the exceptions being on the point after touchdown attempt and the field goal. This game was played so that coaches all over Kansas and Nebraska could see if they wanted to try this new game of six-man. In 2005, coach C.H. When did organ music become associated with baseball? 40 yards by 80 yards playing surface with 10 yard endzones. The Seventh Man, released in 2003, documents two years in the lives of the Panther Creek Panthers, one of the storied programs in Texas six-man football. All forward passes to the player who snapped the ball (center) must travel at least 1 yard (1 m) in flight. 0000004862 00000 n Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? American six-man is played on an 80-yard-long (73-m) by 40-yard-wide (37-m) field in most circumstances; the high school rulebook allows games to be held on a normal 100-yd (91-m) by 53​1⁄3-yd (48.8-m) field used in 11-man football if the teams and leagues so choose. In other states, it is referred to as the mercy rule. Canadian six-man is similar, but the length of the field can be either 100 or 110 yards long by 40 yards wide. Eight- and Six-player Football Field Diagram Note: By state association adoption, the dimensions of the field may be altered PYLON TEAM' BOX OR MORE 48'4" 45 120' 23'4' Restraning LINE END ZONE 3-YARO LINE 7 YDS. End Line: A six foot end line border marks the back of the end zone. 0000012462 00000 n [3], The two versions of six-man football are an American version and a Canadian one.[4]. Furthermore, the game specifies a 15-yard distance (14-m) from the line of scrimmage to gain a first down, instead of the normal 10 yards (9 m). 0000001364 00000 n FCAPPS comprises small Christian or private schools and at least one home-school cooperative. 0000007187 00000 n The last one, the San Antonio-based Texas Sixman Football League, converted to eight-man football after the 2012 season. 0000006473 00000 n The state of Alabama has eight teams playing as part of the Christian Football Association ( which is a sister organization to the Alabama Christian Education Athletic Association (ACEAA). There will also be marks that are measured 13 feet from the 0000006500 00000 n The film contains a brief but adequate explanation of how the game of six-man football is played, as well as footage of actual game sequences. Franklin M. Reck, "Play Six Man Football" The American Boy": September 1937 p30, Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools, List of six-man football stadiums in Texas,,,, "Six-man football to return to South Dakota in 2019", "Sixman Football is the newest and fastest growing sports", "The Official Website of the Independent Women's Football League: Home", Southeastern Christian Association of Sixman Football,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 24 November 2020, at 03:01. How do you put grass into a personification? It explains the rules of the game and small-town football. Grit and Glory exclusively showcases the work of art photographer Laura Wilson, mother of actors Owen, Luke, and Andrew Wilson. In American football the standard field dimensions are 120 yards long and 53 1/3 yards wide. Unless necessary to use the eleven-man field, the six-man field is 80 . The Central Florida-based Southeastern Christian Association of Sixman Football ceased operations in the late 2000s, and the Pennsylvania 6-Man Football League also converted to eight-man around the same time. Each team has six players. 0000134126 00000 n End zones can be either 10 yards or up to 20 yards deep. 0000010914 00000 n All six players are eligible to be receivers in the American game, while in the Canadian game the player in the centre of the offensive line is ineligible. The state of Colorado has 23 teams currently playing six-man football, with the majority of teams being from small towns located in eastern Colorado. When invoked, one team is said to have "45ed" the other. The backstories and the stories of the games themselves highlight the values of the times and provide poignant, funny, and inspirational lessons about how football shaped the lives of many who became part of the Greatest Generation. The two versions of six-man football are an American version and a Canadian one. 0000098663 00000 n %%EOF Restraining Line: 0000009474 00000 n All Rights Reserved. [10], As of 2013, no leagues (professional, semiprofessional, or amateur) play the game past the high-school level. 0000004001 00000 n Idaho has not sanctioned six-man football, but approved it for a pilot program. The newest release on the topic of six-man football is titled Six: A Football Coach's Journey to a National Record. Barefoot, Bloodied and Bruised: The Amazing Story of Louisiana Six-Man Football is a self-published paperback written by longtime Louisiana football coach Barrett Murphy in 2014. [1] After that night, rules for the game were distributed to about 60,000 coaches in the United States. Field Numbers: Sideline field numbers are 6 foot high by 4 foot wide designating each 10 yard line marker.


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