Finally, check all spark plugs and replace if needed. Page 9 Operator Safety SERVICE AND MAINTENANCE 11. “Wherever water can build up, it eventually will dry out and cause corrosion,” Iles explains. While teaching landscape crew members to “respect the machine” plays a large part in making mowers last, so do simple things like reading the operator’s manual, greasing parts, changing oil and keeping the mower clean and dry. Measure all three blades (height from blade tip to ground) while your lawn mower is on a level surface. If you suspect it's your gasoline, drain the fuel tank and fill it with fresh fuel. Before we go into some of the common repairs you can do yourself: Today's engines are marvels of technology. The investment in covered trailers for hauling and storing equipment will preserve machines. Regular commercial mower maintenance can go a long way toward preserving your equipment and budget, especially with the rigorous conditions landscapers face and long days mowing in the field. Watch the tire pressure. Regular maintenance checks, including oil and filter changes as specified by the operator’s manual, will keep a mower running strong during the growing season, when landscapers might be running equipment for up to 12 hours per day. IS2000Z Series lawn mower pdf manual download. Also for: 5900832, … 2. We have 4 Ferris IS1500Z Series manuals available for free PDF download: Operator's Manual, Operator's Manual With Setup Instructions . Like any other well known companies mowers, Ferris mowers may experience a fault from time to time. Please refresh and try again. … Page 18: Oil Pressure Indicator Features and Controls Deck Lift Pedal, Cutting Ignition Switch Height Adjustment Pin & Deck (S/N: 2015276815 & Above): Lift Lock Lever The ignition switch starts and stops the engine, it has These control the cutting height of the mower deck. Check belt tension for proper spring adjustment. Compressed air or a leaf blower helps dry the mower parts and crevasses that are difficult to access with towels and rags. For general lawn cut quality issues, clean the underside of the lawn mower's cutting deck. If the heights are not equal, adjust the deck shell accordingly. machine stops forward It is a violation of California Public Resource motion on a slope), disengage the blade(s) (PTO) Code, Section 4442, to use or operate the and drive slow off the slope. Also examine your tire treads for wear. Tighten battery clamps and clean the terminals if necessary. Page 1 OPERATOR’S MANUAL IS1500Z Series Zero-Turn Riding Mower Model No. 4. If tires lose traction (i.e. You will find a removable baffle at the rear of the discharge chute. He recommends reading the operator’s manual carefully, which will outline all basic maintenance activities landscapers should tend to in order to keep a mower in prime condition. Featuring our patented suspension technology, iCD™ Cutting System, heavy-duty Hydro-Gear ® drive system and up to 10 mph speeds, this mower is full of features to increase the operator's productivity. The IS ® 700Z Series, with up to five feet of cutting width, is an amazing value. Check for loose or corroded battery connections. If your lawn mower tires are slipping, check that the inflation matches what is recommended in the operator's manual. Follow your manual's inflation recommendation, as this varies based upon mower weight and other factors. From our top-of-the line IS 3200Z to our excellent value and compact 400S, we have several models to choose from. Most gas engines are designed to work with a maximum E10-rated (10 percent ethanol) fuel. The battery should be putting out a minimum of 12 volts. The Ferris IS® 3200Z Zero Turn Mower features a state-of-the-art drive system and 26 inch drive tires for a smoother ride and improved curb climbing performance. Ferris IS1500Z Series Operator's Manual (52 pages) Zero-Turn Riding Mower. 1. 3. Keeping mowers stored in a garage, barn or any dry shelter will give equipment a longer shelf life, and save on maintenance over time. You may not have a storeroom filled with lawn mower parts, but chances are you have a few essential tools and a good deal of self assurance. Page 28: Oil & Filter Change Regular Maintenance Change Oil & Filter 1. Check oil before each day's use. 5. Store your mower indoors (a shed or garage) when not in use. Remember basic mower maintenance. Wash the unit as often as practical. He recommends reading the operator’s manual carefully, which will outline all basic maintenance activities landscapers should tend to in order to keep a mower in prime condition. Michael Iles, a Briggs & Stratton customer service representative, recommends fueling mowers with gasoline that has an ethanol content of no more than 10 percent (E10). The IS® 5100Z series of diesel-powered zero-turn mowers delivers the ultimate productivity in a lawn machine. Sign-up not successful. If your lawn mower is cutting lower on one side, check your tire pressure in all tires. The appearance of them is like night and day.”. And when it’s time to retire mowers for the season, use a fuel stabilizer to prevent water and gasoline from separating. Check for loose or corroded electrical connections as well as frayed or broken wires. Sun prematurely damages parts, and inclement weather accelerates the formation of rust. Clean the top side of the deck, as well. Test your lawn mower battery for appropriate power. Remove the two bolts fastening it to the mower and the triangular plate should come right off. When you have a lot of ground to cover and productivity is key, a Ferris zero turn mower with suspension technology is the best choice. Sign-up not successful. “That way, you are not waiting in line come spring when everyone is ready to service their mowers,” he says. Copyright © 2020 Briggs & Stratton, LLC. You'll mow more lawn in less time. Worn tires should be replaced as soon as possible for safe operation. If that doesn't solve the problem, clean the carburetor (if so equipped). Clean the mower deck. Maintaining tire pressure is important for prolonging the life of your equipment and its parts. When this happens, “you just get extreme wear,” Havens says. Before storing a mower for winter, Iles suggests giving it a full service, including changing oil and filters. IS1500Z Series lawn mower pdf manual download. Page 15 this practice session (ALWAYS operate at full throttle when mowing), and turn slowly to prevent tire slippage and damage to your lawn. View and Download Ferris IS2000Z Series operator's manual online. Please refresh and try again. The Ferris IS2100ZV2852EFI zero turn lawn mower features a 52 inch deck and is powered by a 28 HP Vanguard 810 EFI oil guard. IS® 5100Z. Follow your manual's inflation recommendation, as this varies based upon mower weight and other factors. Checking Tire Pressures Tire pressure should be checked periodically, and maintained at the levels shown in the Specifications chart. If all the above suggestions check out, there is one more trick up our sleeve. Havens adds, “We can look at the units that come into our shop and tell if they are stored inside or outside. Copyright © 2020 Briggs & Stratton, LLC. It may be gas related engine starting problems or lawn cutting issues due to natural wear and tear. Like anything with hundreds of moving parts, a lawn mower may require attention now and then. Remove the foot pedal (A, Figure 39) from the pedal mount WARNING tab (B). We suggest you begin with the Smooth Travel procedure to the right, and then advance through the forward, reverse, and turning maneuvers. Iles adds, “Many common problems can be avoided by simply reading the operator’s manual to learn what you should and should not do.”. If your lawn mower is cutting lower on one side, check your tire pressure in all tires. Ferris mowers troubleshooting. Without fuel stabilizer, when the mower is started up it will suck up water first instead of gas, which can cause corrosion and damage internal engine parts, Iles says. If the lawn mower will sit for an extended period, such as during winter, disconnect the battery cables, remove the battery and store it in a warm place and/or use battery tender to maintain its charge. Gas that has been sitting for several months can also create starting problems. Note that these pressures may differ slightly from the “Max Inflation” stamped on the side-wall of the tires. If this doesn't solve the problem, manually clean the carburetor. Inconsistent RPMs will affect cut quality. Higher percentages of ethanol can cause premature engine failure. “Keep mowers tuned up, especially in the dusty season when air filters can get clogged,” Havens says. Most commercial lawn mowers have 10 to 20 grease fittings that need to be greased to prevent metal parts from rubbing together.


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